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calendars software

Cotton Calendar by 100% Cotton Software

Create, display and print calendars and various kinds of schedules (sports, phone logs, appointment lists, etc.). Calendar, Schedule and Week views. Handles repeating events. Free calendars/schedules available on line.

calendars schedules sports phone log appointments ticklers birthdays create display print calendars schedules free schedules available

emmasoft software

Darn! Passwords! by Thornsoft Development, Inc.

Darn! Passwords! keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, on line services, financial sites, and other secure programs. You remember one password. Darn! Passwords! remembers all the rest.

emmasoft darn passwords security web internet login darn passwords keeps track those pesky passwords

lottery software

Lottery Statistic Analyser by MicraCom

Lottery analyst software, features 36 advanced perms, on line updates, statistical reports, most/least common, next due, ball occurrence reports, perms and much more, Why place random numbers each week when you can place mathematical fact.

lottery analyser betting lottery software gamble balls luck estimator draws program shareware software statistics stats big game super lotto plus winning numbers new jersey georgia michigan virginia maryland massachusetts illinois power

online timer software

isptimer by Creative Software

A useful utility to monitor your monthly dial up on line time with a very small foot print. For those users who have set monthly accounts where exceeding the time limit incurs additional charges. The program counts down displaying the time left.

online timer time monitor countdown timer useful utility monitor monthly dialup online time

puzzle software

Whirlwords by AHA! Software Inc.

Whirlwords is an extended version of the familiar pencil-and-paper word chain puzzles in which you connect two words by changing one letter at a time. Over 100 puzzles, nifty graphical interface, built-in editor, on-line help, extensive vocabulary.

puzzle word words educational anagram free aha familygames challenging word chain puzzle includes 100 levels editor online help

machine vision software

Image++ by Image Integration

The Object-oriented graphic development tool for digital image processing and Machine Vision.

machine vision image processing object-oriented graphic development tool digital image processing ma

pajersoft software

Snakes, Trains and Bees by Pajersoft

Ten enjoyable games with an optional educational Spelling Bee to make it a great learning aid. Includes four Snakes and Ladders and two car variations plus train, horse, sleigh and miner games. Up to four people can play. Sound effects. Help file.

pajersoft education game spelling bee english snakes ladders trains bees ten enjoyable games optional educational spelling bee

presentation software

Present-iT by Poster Software

Create powerful multi-slide presentations for on-line or printed presentations. Add text and graphics to each slide. Master slides give your presentation a consistent, professional look. Includes tutorial, 100 templates and examples.

presentation graphics slides powerpoint create powerful multi-slide presentations on-line printed presentations

calendar software

Calendar+ 2000 by JSoft Consulting

Based on the award-winning design of Calendar+, Calendar+ 2000 adds the contact management features of 1st Contact and includes a daily, weekly and monthly view calendar.

calendar daily weekly monthly yearly contacts reports journals notes holidays daily weekly monthly calendar integrated contact management

e-commerce software

webPeddle by ImagineNation Inc

webPeddle is an amazing little storefront kit with some very big capabilities. Like a buy button on steroids, it's a storefront that's quick to set up, easy to maintain, and lets you create your own product list using a built-in database structur

e-commerce storefront shopping cart webpeddle storefront supply content we provide container


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