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accountunity software

AccountUnity by AccountUnity

No more forgotten passwords! View a summary of all your online accounts on one web page with one login. Accountunity is TOTALLY PRIVATE, SECURE AND FREE. All your information is stored securely on your own PC. Full access to all your online banking

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madlogic software

SuperSecret by MadLogic, Inc.

SuperSecret provides secure storage for all of your logins and passwords so that you only have one password to remember from now on.

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password software

1st Evidence Remover by Ixis Ltd

Destroy all hidden in Windows needless activity information that may potentially contain evidence and endanger you needlessly, and also remove temporary files left by Windows making it cleaner and running faster.

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password software

Evidence Exterminator by IM-Soft

Evidence Exterminator cleans all PC usage history information. Clean up your cookies, history, temporary internet files, browser's cache, recycle bin, recent documents, and also remove all the temporary files left by your system.

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ezytrans software

EzyTrans 2003 by ZR Software

Teach your bank statements to reconcile themselves and reduce your accounting data entry up to 80%. Import and export transactions to your favorite accounting package, including Quicken MS Money, or even Excel.

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password software

AptPassport by Aptcode

An ID/Password assistant that eases the burden of keeping secure control over - and access to - your many logon details. AptPassport encrypts its data files and also has features to shield data entry and retrieval from prying eyes!

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