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phishing software

CallingID for the Internet by CallingID

CallingID safe browsing toolbar automatically shows whether sites visited are real and safe to login, submit personal information or deal with. It displays the site owner''s name, address and a risk indication for safe e-commerce and e-banking.

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passwords software

iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro by MsjSoftware

A full featured Password Manager and Generator with unlimited Category support, Copy / Paste, Go to Website, Auto Fill Website, Password Generator with Strength Indicator, Encrypted Backup & More. Now with Multiple Skin Support (4 included).

passwords password generator password managers security

password manager software

Web Replay Password Manager by Deskperience

A must-have web browser tool for the active web user! It is a full featured password manager integrating web automation and identity protection. It automatically logs you in, securely stores your passwords, backs up passwords, fills out long forms.

password manager password management password storage password generator password software form filling form filler autofill forms encryption browser internet add-on plug-in tool security single sign on

personal finance software

MyLife Pocket Money - Personal Accounts by PowerHouse Software Co.

A personal finance Sw with investments, gifts & interest calculator. it has easy data entry and powerful account analysis. Do budgets, monthly bills, major expenses, future payments, charts, savings, reports, import-export of *.qif and xls files.

personal finance accounts money gifts investments intrest calculator time value of money budgets *.qif file

personal software

AceMoney by MechCAD Software

AceMoney makes it easy to manage multiple accounts of different types, create and manage budgets, juggle finances in multiple currencies, track spending habits, record expenses, transfer among accounts and even do on-line banking.

personal accounting software budget finance cash bills credit card currency account online banking balance bank check checkbook checking debit deposit expense export family import income

phish software

Phishing Sweeper by Malware Remover

Phishing Sweeper is an Anti Phishing utility to block orged or "spoofed" spam email .Phishing Sweeper is on the front lines of the fight against phishing, to reel in Online scammers ,So you can protect your personal or financial account.

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ezytrans software

EzyTrans 2003 by ZR Software

Teach your bank statements to reconcile themselves and reduce your accounting data entry up to 80%. Import and export transactions to your favorite accounting package, including Quicken MS Money, or even Excel.

ezytrans qif convert csv manage manager excel accounting software internet banking utility addon quicken money finance package pre processor free software

accounting software

QuickBooks Free Edition 2009 by Intuit Inc

Track you sales and expences, quickly create invoices, pay bills and print out checks and organize your finances with this bookkeeping and accounting software.

accounting bookkeeping intuit quickbooks bills payroll accountant inventory management tax billing employee

spyware blocker software

Live Defender by

Proactive defence for your PC. Blocks any known or unknown spyware, trojan and virus modules before they cause any harm.

spyware blocker trojan blocker bho blocker registry write protection readonly registry filesystem protection

password software

1st Evidence Remover by Ixis Ltd

Destroy all hidden in Windows needless activity information that may potentially contain evidence and endanger you needlessly, and also remove temporary files left by Windows making it cleaner and running faster.

password security administrator remover control protect privacy restrict lock free download clean windows evidence temporary files


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