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skin software

Skinner by ProgPlace Software Solutions

Now you can add a beautiful landscape picture to your Internet Explorer toolbars! Skinner automatically downloads pictures(skins) from it's online gallery, and all you have do is click to apply a new skin.

skin skins browser skin browser picture toolbar skin toolbar picture explorer skin explorer picture internet explorer skin internet explorer picture ie skin ie picture browser plugins browser wallpaper hotbar toolbar wallpaper ie internet explorer

image software

Picture Ripper by Picture Ripper

Picture Ripper is a fast image and movie download utility. It can download thousands of pictures and movies from your favorite gallery sites. PictureRipper is ideal for TGPs, regular picture gallery sites. Picture Ripper comes with a viewer.

image downloader pic grabber tgp ripper site grabber picture download fast image grabber movie downloader featuring handy image gallery viewer

gallery software

ATAF-Picture-eShop by ATAF Software

ATAF-picture-eShop is 100% web-based online shop where you can sell your pictures in a familiar XP design ATAF-picture-eShopy is a easy to install, where you can easy can upload and sell pictures on the web.

gallery shop eshop picture shop upload web gallery picture gallery galleri ataf-picture-eshop online shop sell pictures

gallery software

ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery by Christian C. Rasmussen

ATAF-Web gallery is 100% web-based online picture gallery in a familiar XP design ATAF-Web gallery is a easy to install online picture gallery, where you can upload and share pictures with other people.

gallery picture upload web gallery picture gallery galleri ataf-web gallery easy install online picture gallery easy upload browse

web software

webcamXP PRO by Moonware Studios /

webcamXP is an utility that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer. the web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few parameters such as server port and local directory.

web cam webcam xp broadcast stream avi video live motion detector gallery effects overlay powerful webcam server

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