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ThumbWizard by RedBay

Create online photo pages quickly with Redbay's ThumbWizard, the powerful step by step interface helps inexperienced and advanced users to create online photo albums.

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multimedia software

Idex by DVA Ltd

Idex is a complete multimedia database and webpublishing solution. Manage all your digital files in a searchable database. Then share your files by publishing them to the internet. No HTML programming required to create dynamic websites.

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online photo album software

Digital Splats HTML by Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Splats HTML protects your original photos taken by digital camera, but provides a complete, quick and easy way to resize, rotate, add text, define captions and create thumbnails with web pages ready to publish to your web site.

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photograph software

FlipAlbum by E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipAlbum automatically creates 3D page flipping photo albums complete with thumbnails indexes and table of contents

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photograph software

FlipAlbum Standard by E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipAlbum automatically creates 3D page flipping photo albums complete with thumbnails indexes and table of contents


digital album software

FLASH-Album Author by Inner Studio srl

FLASH-Album simulates, with high quality, realistic, digital, 3D photo album. Simply to use, it creates high impressive graphic layouts. The ideal Sw for viewing, printing and sharing photos, it's one of the best accessories for digital photography.

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photograph software

FlipAlbum Suite by E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipAlbum 5 Suite automatically creates 3D page flipping photo albums that can be shared online or through Cds.


photograph software

FlipAlbum Pro by E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipAlbum 5 Pro lets you create and sell 3D page-flipping digital albums on CDs that run on both Mac and Pc.


photo share software

VAMP Media Center by Interactive Music Ltd.

Listen to your Mp3s, organize your media, edit your own clip, make screen savers, wallpaper, calendars, slide shows. Enjoy photo sharing and download new materials every day. Send dynamic greetings. Play On-line games. Build your own homepage.

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thumbnails software

Thumb Buddy by Lincoln Beach Software

Create stylish photo albums of all your precious digital pictures in a snap. You can create any style album with features such as masking, shadows, perspective views just to name a few. Simply drag and drop to build your album. One button publishing!

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