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No-Keys by Leithauser Research

Onscreen computer keyboard. You type on this virtual keyboard using a mouse or other pointing device. (Scan option provided for people who cannot move any pointing device at all). Keys typed on the virtual keyboard go to another program (word processor, etc.) selected by the user. Intended primarily for computer users who have limited mobility who cannot use keyboard. Can also be used with touch screen computers.

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Typing ABC by JingleSoft Corp.

Typing ABC is suitable for all users who wish to learn or improve their English typing skills. The functions and features of the software are as follows: 1.Vivid on-screen keyboard, 2.Unique graphic finger tips, 3.Practical training materials, 4.Typing Games, 5.Friendly drill interface, 6.Effective error alarm, 7.Advanced skill improvement, 8.Professional training, 9.Complete tracking and statistic analysis, 10. Support multiple users.

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