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cad software

3D Shop ModelView by c4w

ModelView is an exact 3D model geometry viewer that allows the manipulation of CAD data. This open viewer provides wide access to 3D models in the most popular file formats (dxf, Step, VRML, IGES, CATIA, UG, Pro/E, ACIS, PARASOLID) and data standards (brep, stl, wrl, stp)

cad viewer iges step vrml stl exact 3d model b-rep 2d measure review collaborative supply chain dxf

instant messaging software

SpreadMsg Lite by Compuquest, Inc.

* IMAP email server support! * Interactive 2-way wireless query/response, reply to sender, and info on demand - from your own data sources! * Launch other apps and processes from wireless devices or by email command * Remote email PC control

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