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Audubon Animals of North America by Pixel Paradox

Audubon's superb paintings capture the breathtaking beauty of the four-footed creatures in the North American forest and plains of the 1840's. The pictures in this screen saver are from the original first edition Imperial Folio size printing.

viviparous quadruped animal animals bear fox rat hare rabbit lynx otter squirrel peccary deer wildcat cougar spermophile ox armadillo skunk marten raccoon neotoma wolf weasel mole wolverine marmot

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Wild Life Screensaver by Altix Soft

This screensaver shows beautiful images of wild animals. Lion, wolf, tiger, squirrel, spider, racoon, rabbit, polar bear, otter, opossum, koala, kangaroo, hippo, hawk, giraffe, fox, flamingo, elephants, dolphin, chimpanzee and more others.

desktop decoration wild life screensaver lion colorful wild life more animals rare animals exotic animals wolf tiger squirrel spider racoon rabbit polar bear otter koala kangaroo hippo hawk giraffe fox flamingo elephants dolphin

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