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Guiding Hand by Silhouette

In search of a little guidance? Sometimes we need a little insight into what this life is about. Over the centuries people have used forms of Oracles when they need some sort of guidance in their life. Try our Tarot,I Ching, Runes and Yes/No package.

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oracle software

Query Plan by Priodata

A tool to browse Oracle''s library cache to locate SQL statement to tune. Shows the execution plan in the classical hierarquical view, shows complete SQL text (without having to write complex joins to V$SQLTEXT). Compatible with Oracle 9i and later.

oracle tuning sql cursors library cache v$sql v$sql_plan v$sqltext

oracle software

Select Fast! by Priodata

A tool to automate repetitive tasks associated with the SQL tuning process on the Oracle Database. Run query to get statistics, run EXPLAIN PLAN, capture plan from V$SQL_PLAN, set bind variables, etc. Also has an interface to Oracle''s Tuning Advisor

oracle sql tuning tools shareware explain plan statistics advisor

designer software

DBDesigner 4 by fabFORCE

DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment. It combines professional features and a clear and simple user interface.

designer database source mysql dbdesigner fabforce dbdesigner 4 handle databases most efficient way

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