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art software

Art Trader UK by Art Trader Limited

A screen saver displaying the orginal artworks of British artists exhibited by dealers of the ArtTraderUK website. The screen saver cycles through a random selection of the artworks available at

art artwork paintings prints united kingdom artists gallery screen saver displaying microsoft frontpage artworks british artists

pindersoft software

MiniNotes by PinderSoft

MiniNotes is designed to fast-track and organize text files on your desktop while you work. It was orginally developed as a software development tool, someplace where you could keep a multiple of text files organized while you work. But you can do

pindersoft text files notes reference files developer tool text editor text storage program developer tools free software mininotes designed fast-track organize text files desktop whil

minesweeper software

Moraff Radiation by Moraff Games

A killer spin on the original Minesweeper concept. To win, you use logic and clue markers to eliminate all tiles without blowing yourself up. This engrossing game offers slick-looking full-screen graphics, MIDI-based music and digital sound effects.

minesweeper arcade puzzle bombs logic moraff moraffware killer variation never been easier minesweeper

surfsaver software

SurfSaver Pro by askSam Systems

SurfSaver is a browser add-on which lets you store Web pages directly from your browser into searchable folders. Use SurfSaver to organize and search the information you gather on the Internet. An ideal tool for anyone doing research online. Make the most of your time and information with SurfSaver.

surfsaver browser add-on search and save web pages save facts figures news research find web

photo editing software

Amazing Photo Editor by Silver Eagle Software, Inc.

Amazing Photo Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use software that help you view, edit, converter photos. 27 amazing image effects is included!

photo editing software photo editor image editing software image editor gif editor graphic converter graphic editor powerful easy-to-use photo editor converter

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