Outdoors Software

scenesaver software

SceneSaver by JerMar Software Corp.

A free screen saver of twenty-two high resolution photographs of astonishingly beautiful scenes from the outdoors. Display them as a screen saver or use wallpaper mode. When you tire of SceneSaver's included images use your own!

scenesaver screen saver wallpaper changer digital photo image caption desktop windows xp security nature display beatiful included images wallpaper screen saver

flowers software

Flowers and Fields Screensaver by RI Soft Systems

This slideshow screensaver features vivid color photographs of the outdoors, including flowers, fields, mushrooms and more.

flowers fields screensaver photos flower field riss mushroom slide show slideshow screensaver features vivid color photographs

screen saver software

American Landscapes Sampler by John Clark Software Creations

A screensaver documentary of the beauty and diversity of the American outdoors in images and sound. Features 24 full color 800x600 pixel images from the East to the West. Includes a native MP3 player, desktop wallpaper changer, and daily reminder.

screen saver nature american southwest arizona mp3 screensaver documenting beauty diversity american

whitetail deer software

Deer Hunting Expert by Strat-Tech, Inc.

The program asks you questions about the conditions you hunt under and then gives a recommendation based on what experts advise for the conditions. You can alter one condition to see how answer is affected. Also has logs, library, recipes.

whitetail deer deer hunting deer gun bow hunt provides 100 scenarios hunting deer logs library recipes

fishing software

Fishing Expert by Strat-Tech, Inc.

FISHING EXPERT V4.0 contains fishing techniques as well as fishing logs. You select conditions you fish under and program gives 400 proven methods for catching bass, trout, walleye, musky, and panfish. Recommended BEST by Pros in BASSMASTERS

fishing bass fishing fishing tackle fishing boat fishing equipment fishing lure freshwater fishing bass walleye trout musky panfish fish boat lake recipes

fireworks software

4th of July Dreams Screensaver by Delfyn Software

Festive fireworks display over the Statue of Liberty and other symbols of national heritage. Includes sounds.

fireworks 4th of july independence day eagle statue of liberty lincoln washington rushmore screensavers monument animated screensaver festive fireworks display over our proud symbols national heritage

wireless game clock software

eCLOCK by Athnetix

eClock is wireless game or event clock that runs on a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP PC. It uses wireless RF technology to start and stop the clock. The RF transmitter has a working range of well over 150+ feet. eCLOCK can track up to 4 periods.

wireless game clock event timer rf wireless basketball soccer eclock wireless game event clock runs windows 95 98 me 2000 nt4

home software

HSSVSS Home Security Video system by Fernpages

HSSVSS turns your web cam or cameras into a video and motion detecting surveillance system. HSSVSS is a handy video surveillance tool, weather to monitor the old fashioned way by watching the videos live, by recording videos, or by using the handy

home security video surveillance motion detection hssvss turns web cam cameras video surveillance system

photo transfer utility software

XTempo Move It by XTempo Software

Copy or move photos or files to one or two targets, with or without subfolders. Set destination files to read-only, append a counter to avoid overwrite, and rename destination files by date and time...

photo transfer utility file transfer utility digital photography copy move camera notebook laptop file transfer photo transfer backup file utility software shareware file photo digicam

traveling software

itravel by Pdasi

Traveling application for people on the move. Record all your travel needs and visualice your more important maps and sketch them. Enter your flight data, cruises, train, road, hotel and itineraries of Traveling application for people on the move.

traveling travel maps train car cap taxi gas trip trek gps mapping traveliing application people move

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