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internet explorer software

Email Protector by MazePath Software

Automatically protect your email from prying eyes! Anyone can read your Outlook Express email, but Email Protector can password protect and automatically log off your email account!


internet explorer add-on add on browser utility tool explorer internet surf surfing history favorites automatically protect email prying eyes try

stationery software

Stationery Selector by MazePath Software

Quicky and easily customize your email! Just browse and click to set a background image for Outlook Express email. Change your stationery as often as you change your mind!

stationery outlook express email e-mail background custom outlook express oe select quicky easily customize email

email encryption software

SecExMail Home by Bytefusion Ltd.

SecExMail makes e-mail encryption as easy as sending a message. There are no plugins necessary and it will work with any standard email client including Microsoft Outlook Express, Calypso, Eudora and many more. Includes html email filters.

email encryption e-mail encryption secure email secure e-mail secexmail makes email encryption easy works email client secexmail makes email encryption easy works email client

e-mail software

E-mail Informer by Axire Software

E-mail Informer is a very useful utility for people using Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP as an e-mail client. E-mail Informer notifies you about all incoming messages and shows their headers above taskbar while not interrupting you from work.

e-mail email mail utility tool utilities tools messages informer notificator notifier microsoft outlook above taskbar notification system headers tray add-on add-ons plug-in plug-ins

share software

Contacts4Outlook by 4Team Corporation

Share your MS Outlook Contacts Folder with your co-workers and friends without a server.You and your teammates will be able to create, update and edit contacts in the shared folders.

share outlook contacts contact folder management share outlook contacts folder co-workers friends without server

team software

Team Calendar by Ergonomics AG

TEAM CALENDAR provides an overview to the Outlook calendar information of a user defined group of people. TEAM CALENDAR reads the calendar information from the Exchange© Server and visualizes each team member in a separate column.

team calendar exchange server outlook schedule group workgroup appointment appointments meeting meetings view read reading access accessing multiple tool utility

sig tag software

SigSimple by Leisure Time Software

SigSimple is easy to use, easy to implement, Outlook Express signature tag maintenance program! This is try-before-you-buy software, you will have a 10 day trial period to use the software before you are required to purchase it.

sig tag outlook express oe signature email add-on sigtag sigtag for dummies sigtags dummies

outlook software

Outlook Password Recovery by Intelore

Outlook Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Outlook XP/2000/98/97 password-protected Personal Storage files (*.pst). All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length.

outlook password recovery outlook password recovery pst password pst password recovery pst password crack recovers lost passwords microsoft outlook 97 98 2000 xp personal files

activex software

! Chilkat SMTP / POP3 Components by Chilkat Software, Inc.

SMTP / POP3 ActiveX Email Component with S/MIME for signed and encrypted mail, attachments, HTML mail, Auto-Zip and Unzip attachments, XML import and export, SMTP authorization, Outlook integration, distribution lists, internationalized, mail-merge..

activex com component email pop3 smtp mail advanced email components asp vb c delphi foxpro asp net vb net

outlook software

GroupCalendar by OpusFlow

calendar sharing application based on a database in a lan. Either with or without exchange server you can now get a overview of all appointments of all co-workers without the use of a external program. Just stay in outlook and go to the groupcalendar

outlook calendar group schedule share share outlook calendar others without exchange server

ie new window maximizer software

IE New Window Maximizer by jiiSoft

This program will automatically maximize new Internet Explorer and Outlook Express windows. It´s also possible to open new IE windows and automatically have them sent to the background. Close popups.

ie new window maximizer internet explorer maximize close hide all jii internet browser plugin popup xp stealth mode outlook express outlook hotkey new window open background optimize minimize ctrl

create software

WS:Repeat Appointment by Websetters Limited

WS:Repeat Appointment allows you to automatically create an appointment in your calendar with multiple dates that do not conform to a regular pattern, impossible to do with the Outlook recurrence function.

create repeat outlook appointments conform regular pattern recurrence multiple dates create repeat outlook appointments do not conform regular pattern

email-printery software

eMail-Printery by CAD-KAS GbR

Do you ever wished to print or save/export more than one eMail a time in Outlook Express? The program can print as much eMails with one click as you wish. Also it saves multiple eMails as HTML or EML files for you.

email-printery cad-kas email mail print save export oe outlook express template html design message print emails one click wish also saves multiple emails

visual c software

Chilkat SMTP Visual C++ Library by Chilkat Software, Inc.

Email Visual C++ Library for SMTP / POP3 with S/MIME for signed and encrypted mail, attachments, HTML, Auto-Zip and Unzip attachments, XML import and export, SMTP authorization, Outlook integration, distribution lists, internationalized, mail-merge

visual c library email mail smtp pop3 lib c static microsoft chilkat smtp visual c library mime signed encrypted mail

outlook software

e-Backup by Inachis

With e-Backup you can backup, restore and transfer your valuable Outlook Express data, Windows Address Book and Internet Explorer Favorites.

outlook express backup restore data transfer email favorites address book backup restore transfer outlook express data favorites address book


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