Overture Software

goto software

Smart Bid Manager by LastBit Software

Smart Bid Manager is a must tool for Overture (ex goto.com) pay-per-click advertisers. Smart Bid Manager monitors your bidding report and warns if your position has changed or if your bid is not optimal (i.e., you're paying more than necessary)

goto bid manager optimizer promotion monitor optimize goto com listings smart bid manager

search software

AutomaticSearch by 4comtech

AutomaticSearch is a search-themed web browser that automatically finds related links, subjects, and topics associated with the current website your viewing.

search automaticsearch automatic search search browser web browsers browsers

http software

httpExplorer by Overture Computing Corp.

Used to examine unaltered http requests and responses intercepted with and without proxy. There are several views for the data. Raw view shows the data in bytes. Text view shows the headers in the request and response as well as the http payload.

http spy trace headers response time proxy examine unaltered http requests responses intercepted without proxy

genealogy software

Genealogy Browser by 4comtech

genealogy genealogy software genealogy search genealogy research genealogy sites genealogy browser family tree ancestors surnames

ie software

LookItUp by Soft Advances

LookItUp adds eBay, dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, and eight popular search engines to IE's context menu. Highlight a phrase on any web page, right click your mouse, and a new browser windows appears with the definition or search results.

ie msie internet explorer browser menu context menu altavista aol search ask jeeves dictionary google looksmart lycos msn netscape quotations thesaurus yahoo lookitup

se software

SERanker Pro by Monocle Solutions

Search engine position ranker which visually indicates your site ranking among the top search engines. Trend tracking, TOP TEN url listing with visual highlight domain names, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Improvement Tool

se search engine position ranker webposition topdog internet position top dog ranking seo improve ranking search engine position ranker which visually indicates site placement

ppc software

inClick PPC Text Ad Server by inMotion Group

The inClick Text Ad Server allows you to monetize your site effectively. By using the inClick Text Ad Server, ads are served based on a cost-per-click basis. Advertisers compete for placement in a bidding style environment similar to Google AdWords

ppc pay per click ad server text ad server text ads download edition our popular pay-per-click text ad server

web software

@Semonitor - Web Ranking Tool by FlamingoSoft

Semonitor - Web Ranking Tool - is a web ranking software. With Semonitor, you can swiftly obtain information on the positions your web site holds for the selected search queries in the major search engines (Google, AltaVista, Yahoo etc.)

web ranking position report software semonitor internet ranking tool internet ranking software

adwords software

AdWords Clever Wizard by CleverStat

An extremely easy to use AdWords suggestion and research software. With it, you will quickly discover your target keywords with low competition and high demand. Such information is essential for everyone who use Google AdWords.

adwords suggestion google campaigns advertising keywords extremely easy adwords suggestion research software extremely easy adwords suggestion research software

website marketing software

A Complete Pay-per-Click Marketing Guide by Rugles.com

The ebook is the most complete guide to pay-per-click advertising. Learn how to create efficient campaigns, decrease your marketing costs and increase your sales and revenue. Ideal for both professional and amateur marketers.

website marketing pay-per-click ppc internet marketing complete guide planning optimizing pay-per-click campaigns


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