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shipping software

UPSS 2000 by UPSS Systems

Universal Parcel Shipping Software, Multi-Carrier Packaging & Shipping Software. Automatic packaging charges calculation. Automatic Zipcode-City search. Automatic price comparison. Retail Manifest. UPS & Fedex interface. Plus much, much more!

shipping software ups online multi-carrier shipping packaging comparison retail rates price comparison ups fedex usps airex online download residential manifest zones zip code zipcode markup

setup software

Stardust Setup Packager by Stardust Software

Stardust Setup Packager provides developers with an easy way to package multiple setup programs into a single self-extracting EXE. Features include digital code signing, password protection, expiration date, welcome prompt, and nested packaging.

setup install create stardust solution distribution software package multiple setup programs single self-extracting executable

html software

WebScripter Professional by Code Generation

WebScripter Professional is a full web site development tool. There is full support for HTML/XHTML, Style Sheets and JavaScript.

html style css javascript ftp archiving html style sheet javascript development environment

self-extractor software

Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer by Instyler Software

Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer is a powerful helper application to create single executable files from your Windows Installer (msi, msp, msm) files. Includes Windows Installer version checking and Silent mode support. Fully adaptable.

self-extractor installer zip package update instyler install installer setup sfx self extract smart smartsetup update deploy dist master distribute tool builder delphi vb visual c

information packaging software

Bmail by Information Packaging

BMail is a powerful, easy to use mailing list manager that allows you to run unlimited opt-in emailing lists. Send personally customized messages to your customers, subscribers or friends.

information packaging bmail bulk email email marketing opt in email bulk email software bulk email marketing opt email list manager sender

files software

ActivePatch by Catalyst Development Corporation

ActivePatch enables developers to create their own update in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly into their own software. It can be used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product.

files patch package updated file generation application activepatch patching component upgrades incremental updates archives software development kit

image software

Scott's Boxshot Maker by Scott's Boxshot Maker

This marketing tool and image-editing software renders a virtual package for your product.

image boxshotmaker boxshot promotion


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