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sql development software

Equivalent Script by Red Earth Technologies Pty Ltd

Allows you to quickly develop a complete SQL script once, then instantly generate the equivalent SQL script for all of your database servers. Eliminates the time consuming and painful process of converting SQL scripts from one dialect to another.

sql development multisql database development multiple database servers sql script multi-sql multi-dialect sql translation sql conversion sql tool equivalent sql scripts multi sql oracle sql server access mysql database tool tool

font software

FontLoader by Moon Software

FontLoader an utility to make your TrueType font installation a snap. It consists of a shell extension and a font loader module that sits in the system tray, providing you to quick acces to font groups that can be loaded/unloaded on the fly.

font install font font installer tryetype shell extension load fontloader font loader uninstall font install uninstall fonts easily

rsi software

SoundBreak by The Lost Continent of

SoundBreak helps remind you to take those little stretch and relax breaks that have been shown to help prevent the effects of Repetitive use injuries by unobtrusively playing random sound files of your choice - I use sound bites from old movies.

rsi oos safe computing break sound helps prevent oos injuries unobtrusively playing sound files choice

plugin software

Tab Forward Lite by Web Wide

Innovation in Navigation. Display links in side panel. Allowing you to click on the link picture, text or number you want to display on the main window, without using back button, works great with google image search save time and aggravation.

plugin navagation link links url urls link counter link extracto link display internet tool graphically display microsoft web internet explorer ie plugins plug-in plug in

attribute extraction software

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor by AutoDWG Software

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor Help you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without need of AutoCAD. It supports most DWG formats including AutoCAD Release 9 through to the present AutoCAD 2002.

attribute extraction attribute extractor autocad attribute extraction batch autocad attribute extraction program without need autocad

calendar software

Break Memo by

BreakMemo(tm) is an office program that has 2 functions to improve the efficiency. 1. take breaks to prevent computer related injuries 2. take memos to record daily office events in the calendar

calendar reminder break memo office oos rsi computer injury eye timeout interval rest download health breakmemo tm take break memo improve office efficency

file synchronizer software

FolderMatch by Salty Brine Software

Use FolderMatch to compare and sync your files and folders so you will always have the most current data. Ideal for people in business, for people who burn CDs, or for anyone who keeps multiple copies of files. Stay in sync with a button click.

file synchronizer file compare utility file compare backup program file folder directory compare synchronize backup folder match synchronization file synchronization folder match file comparison software duplicate file finder windiff quickly easily compare synchronize folders files foldermatch


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