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locker software

Web-PC-Exe Lock by IwantSoft

Allows you to control access to PC, Internet sites, programs and system functions. This handy and powerful tool is a choise #1 for parents who don't want wheir children navigate on porn sites, play on brutal games or simply crash an operating system

locker ie lock lock computer access control anti porn access programs lock access pc unallowed websites programs drives

chores software

tdf Chores by The Data Furnace Pty Ltd

Our chores checklist program makes it easy to monitor daily chores. Parents setup different chores lists for each child, each day. Kids log on and are shown only those tasks for the current day and time, then check off each task when it's been done.

chores chores software chores program household chores chores list chores checklist house chores daily chores family chores chores schedule childrens chores chores for kids chores checklist organize monitor kids kids tick off th

names software

Gwendolyn the Given Name Database by Rene Brunner

Database of 8000 given names plus extensive information about them like meaning, origin, language and popularity, with powerful query functions, for use either as a lexicon or as a tool for expecting parents to find the perfect name for their baby

names given names baby names meanings origins hitparades

magic window hider software

Magic Window Hider by Unlimited Bandwidth

Hide/Unhide any application/window with ease. Ever wanted to hide windows you did not want you boss/parents to see while u r working(or playing!!!),magic windows let's u hide/unhide windows with ease.

magic window hider hider windows unhide windows magic task hider window hider hide tasks hide window hide windows hide task invisible window panic button panic window ever wanted hide did not boss see

parenting assist software

Parenting Assist by Parenting Software

Parenting Assist is an effective aid for parents who want give their baby a good start in the first three years. It will help parents promote parenting skills and baby's development.

parenting assist parenting baby growth chart development baby book album parent play learning feeding health assist aid who give their good start

puzzle software

SETH's Puzzle Boxes by Respawn Games

Battle your way through 40 mind twisting puzzles in an attempt to rescue Selena's parents from the clutches of the evil android, SETH. Strain your brain against 4 styles of play - story mode, match (try to keep up with SETH!), timed and practice.

puzzle arcade strategy selena needs help seth renegade android taken her away

adventure software

Little Bear Quest by Vadim Gaidukevich

Classic Adventure game for Kids and Parents. Solve interesting quests to help Little Bear to bake a cake on his birthday. User frendly world with nice soft 2D graphic. Also you will get top secret recipe of a cherry cake.

adventure quest little bear family classic adventure bake cake

parental control software

Aye Parental Control by Aye Software

Aye Parental Control helps parents restrict the time that children spend on computer and Internet. It also has the ability to block access to specified programs and websites.

parental control computer timer control time children spend computer

activity software

Visual TimeAnalyzer by A. & M. Neuber GbR

Visual TimeAnalyzer automatically tracks all PC activities, working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and internet use. The time tracking software presents detailed, richly illustrated reports. Parents have control over their children's PC use.

activity pc activities track time tracking monitoring working time mon observe observer log key recorder keystroke logger stealth use usage keylogger keyboard clock card time clock time sheet timesheet project management

kids software

KidRocket Kid Safe Web Browser by

KidRocket is a FREE Flash-based Web Browser, designed for Kids to safely surf the internets top child related web sites. Each human edited, hand picked site offers many fun, educational and interactive activities for children and parents alike.

kids safety child safety browser games internet filter child safe kid safe family safe content block popup blocker kidrocket flash-based web safely surf


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