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rss news reader software

WebLines by Toucan Multimedia

Put live RSS newsfeeds on your website with WebLines. An RSS parser for your website that is easy to install, WebLines allows you to display live news and information from thousands of sources right on your website.

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rss software

AggPub by GT Technologies

RSS Editor and Publisher with HTML to RSS Conversion. Built-in FTP client, XML parser and mini HTML editor. Create RSS 2.0 compliant feeds from scratch or have AggRead retrieve the headlines and synopsis from an HTML page on the web.

rss xml publisher podcaster

parser software

UltraGram by UST-solutions

UltraGram is a visual parser generator for creating grammar of a parser, interpreter, or compiler. Application provides extended functionality for creating grammar of a parser, interpreter or compiler, testing it and generating parser source code.

java c++ c#r vb parser parse error text parser tokenizer yacc lex lexer token grammar la

e-mail merge software

JPEE Email Utility by Niagara Software

A custom e-mail merge, email extractor, email verifier, data parser and all in one affordable email utility.

e-mail merge email extractor email verifier email parse emailer

scriptol software

Speedy Make by Haskell

Replaces make by the simplest parser and its makefile format by a portable XML document. Some predefined actions are sufficient to give tasks to the interpreter and turn XML into commands to process.

scriptol source open free make makefile speedy easy speedymake configure install generate

email parser software

ContentSmartz Email Parser by ContentSmartz Email Spider Software

Email Parser is an email finder, which searches for email addresses on a targeted keyword from the internet. You can build your own targeted consumer or business mailing lists with this email software. Download Email Parser free from ContentSmartz.

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email parser software

Email2DB by Parker Software

Email2DB is an email parser and auto responder. It parses email messages and extracts field data to update back end databases and send auto-responses. Email2DB is ideal for any form-based emails such as orders, customer accounts etc.

email parser email database email auto responder email processor mail server

sql software

General SQL Parser by

General SQL Parser is developed to help people who want to check syntax of SQL statements, pretty print out SQL statements,and parse SQL statements into a parse tree in your own program.

sql delphi vcl

c# software

Metaspec C# Parser Library by Metaspec

Metaspec C# parser library is designed to provide the kernel for applications which require processing C# source code: refactoring, formatting, and other similar tools. C# parser is fully compliant with ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 standards.

c# refactoring formatter compiler transformation standard ecma-334 ecma-335

dvd software

MPEG Parser by DVDLogic Software

MPEG Parser is the program for viewing of internal structure of MPEG-files. It can view fields of structures of MPEG file consists. MPEG Parser show such data about MPEG file: Resolution, Frame rate, Size, Aspect ratio, Bitrate ...

dvd reauthor dvdlogic scenarist reauthoring titles subpicture script subtitles mpeg program viewing internal structure mpeg-files


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