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dropcrypt software

DropCrypt by David ALexander Services Ltd

DropCrypt is a file encryption system that uses up to four separate 512 bit encryption methods. Each method has it's key modified by a passphrase set by you. So you're files are protected 4 times better than most other programs !!!!

dropcrypt is file encryption system using 4 512bit encryption methods dropcrypt file encryption system using 4 512bit encryption keys

identity theft software

Passphrase Keeper by Swidgets

Prevent identity theft and protect your privacy! Passphrase Keeper securely stores all your account information using powerful Blowfish encryption. A single password - the only one you'll need to remember - unlocks it all!

identity theft password manager password keeper organizer security protect protect manage passwords ease

encryption software

Keyring by Morello Publishing Ltd

Store all your passwords, PIN's and account info in a single, securely encrypted file. Access them all through one, secure passphrase. Auto-generate new, uncrackable passwords. Easy to use program.

encryption security password protection morello keyring password protection software

security software

Interscope BlackBox by Interscope

A modular, extensible and easy-to-use security suite that smoothly integrates into the Windows and your e-mail client, making your desktop a safer place.

security encryption decryption safe integration outlook microsoft office des dea data encryption standard blowfish idea rc4 cast self-extract compress shredder explorer desktop password key lock unlock modular

password software

Password Recovery Pro by Sureshot

Password Recovery Pro recovers hidden passwords by simply holding the mouse cursor over the asterisks field (*****). It works fine with most Windows applications such as Outlook Express, WS_FTP, CuteFTP and ICQ.

password recover recovery hidden asterix asterisk forgot forgotten editbox password recovery pro reveal revealer extract retrieve edit box outlook express internet explorer netscape cute ftp ws web

security software

DigiSecret by TamoSoft, Inc.

An application for strong file encryption, compression, and file sharing (peer to peer). It utilizes time-proven encryption algorithms for creating encrypted archives and self-extracting EXE files, as well as for sharing files over the Internet.

security encryption compression sfx aes application strong file encryption compression file sharing

security software

DLOCK2 by Michael Paul Johnson

DLOCK2 is a simple command line file encryption/decryption utility program that uses the free Diamond 2 Encryption Algorithm. Full source code included. Version 2.01 is the same as the original DLOCK2, except recompiled for the Win32 command line.

security utility encryption file management cryptography crypto dlock diamond dlock2 diamond2 simple strong file encryption command line utility complete source code

encryption software

axsStrongBox by Morello Publishing Ltd

axsStrongBox is a COM component which provides secure data encryption (public and private key) using industry standard, strong algorithms. It also provides digital signatures, hashing, GZIP and Base64 capability.

encryption aes rijndael twofish rsa md5 sha sha2 signatureblowfish des vb vc delphi com component windows win95 win98 nt

encryption software

SecureCRT by VanDyke Software Inc.

Highly customizable terminal emulator for Internet and intranet use with support for Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) as well as Telnet and rlogin protocols. SecureCRT is ideal for connecting to remote systems running Windows, UNIX and VMS.

encryption ssh ssh client ssh1 ssh2 secure shell port forwarding data tunneling tunneling sftp remote access administration file transfer terminal emulation terminal emulator support secure shell well telnet rlogin

folder software

Folder Crypt by LittleLite Software

Password encryption for Windows folder and subfolders with standard algorithms (AES, DES). With Folder Crypt you can password protect your folders and secure your data by applying a true, low level (bit per bit), standard encoding.

folder encryption security lock unlock folder password des rijndael aes password encryption windows folder subfolders standard algorithms


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