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php software

SSEditor by Skyweb Software

SSEditor is a powerful and easy to use utility for composing PHP/PERL script.

php perl editor edit ide builder html asp sseditor powerful easy utility composing php perl script

sport software

Super Sports Stats by Oleg Marin

Sports stats generating script. Creates any kind of stats.

sport sports stats statistics basketball baseball football hockey soccer matchup software scores odds picks sides totals line games results sportsbook bet betting wager wagering book

oracle software

Installgen by .com Solutions Inc.

Automate Oracle 8i/9i installs on Solaris, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

oracle oracle 9i oracle 8i standby primary recovery rman oem oms silent install automate oracle 8i 9i installs solaris windows linux mac os

perl editor software

Perl Scripting Tool by TNL Total Solutions

Perl Made Easy

perl editor ide web development perl made easy

find software

Eluent Tools by Eluent Software, L.L.C.

GUI search and replace with Perl plus other file and folder tools

find search replace search and replace replace in files find in files grep egrep fgrep perl visual c visual studio -net vs-net indexing service time date timestamp eol tabs spaces attrib touch

perl software

SannySoft Perl Editor by SannySoft

SannySoft Perl Editor is a fully integrated developer environment.

perl editor edit run debug sannysoft perl editor fully integrated developer environment

editpad software

EditPad Pro BR by JGsoft - Just Great Software

Compact but powerful text and hex editor with a feature-rich tabbed interface

editpad editpad pro notepad wordpad text editor jgsoft just great software editor html internet editpro editplus edithex hex editor hexadecimal spell syntax coloring highlighting email


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