Pgp Software

pgp software

Delphi component and routines for PGP SDK by Leonid Belousov

* Shrinks tens lines of complex code required to a single function call. * Only pure Delphi code and native PGP SDK DLL without any intermediate DLLs. * Consists of two parts: a component TMCPGP, and a set of pgp_XXXX routines.

pgp pgp sdk cryptography key pair private key delphi encode decode hash fingerprint signature sdk add delphi projects strong cryptographic features

pgp software

Crypto Anywhere - OpenPGP Edition by Bytefusion Ltd.

Crypto Anywhere is secure email on the move ! Users can decrypt and encrypt messages to friends who use PGP, OpenPGP, SecExMail and many more. Crypto Anywhere allows you to make a travel floppy which can be used in internet cafe's or at work.

pgp openpgp gpg secure email encrypted e-mail encryption crypto online privacy rsa twofish block cipher stream cipher smime public key secexmail secex mail secure email encryption which supports secexmail ciphers

mail software

PMMail 2000 Professional by Blueprint Software Works, Inc

PMMail 2000 Professional with PGP is the ideal email client for users with multiple email addresses or lots of mail. PMMail keeps your accounts separate and displays them in an easy to use 'Explorer' style interface.

mail encrypt encryption security email e-mail client clients multiple account accounts smtp smtp authentication pop apop filters filtering spam filter

aks-labs software

Encrypted Files Search by AKS-Labs

EFS - is a file search utility designed to locate encrypted files on your hard disk. What can it do? EFS allows to find any zip file, which has a password (is encrypted) and PGP disks. Why use it? Use it to find important data on your hard disk.

aks-labs encrypted files search password search search your local file search encrypted files pgp disk zip files with password locate encrypted zip files disks encrypted files search

cryptocx software

Cryptocx v3 by Easybyte Software Corporation

Cryptocx v3 is the new standard in encryption components. Cryptocx v3 develops and expands version 2 to make it even easier to use and incorporate into your own existing systems or ASP sites.

cryptocx encryption security devlopment activex programming tools vb c cryptocx v3 most powerful encryption component available

email encryption software

SecExMail Home by Bytefusion Ltd.

SecExMail makes e-mail encryption as easy as sending a message. There are no plugins necessary and it will work with any standard email client including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Calypso, Eudora and many more. Includes html email filters.

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aes software

StrongDisk Pro by PhystechSoft, Ltd.

StrongDisk Pro is the most proven and reliable on-the-fly encryption software exists on the market. It makes a plain hard disk into a data strongbox that can be accessed by its owner only.

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security software

Active CHAOS by Security Resources Group

Active CHAOS is the utility program for safe interchange of the information

security compress chaos tools safety protect protecting crypto files folders documents programs cryptographic algorithms source code software

security software

Hiding CHAOS by Security Resources Group

Stego product for Windows with a CHAOS interface and a very large hiding capacity (~100% of carrier file).

security public key self extractor chaos protect shredder e-mail safety gost blowfish el gamal excellent windows based steganography tool

security software

CHAOS Messenger by Security Resources Group

CHAOS Messenger is the utility program for safe distribution of the information.

security compress chaos tools safety protect protecting crypto files folders documents programs cryptographic algorithms source code software


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