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conference software

Conference-CD by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd

Conference-CD is a turn-key system for gathering together conference presentations and getting them quickly and simply onto CD or the Web. Organises documents; adds a search engine; expands PowerPoint files to navigable slides.

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image editor software

Artizen ZE by Supporting Computers Inc.

Make this family event a memorable one by making sure you capture and save every moment with your new digital camera or scanner. Finally go through all of your family photos to fix the old ones, clean up red eye or just have fun enhancing.

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calendar software

Sciral Consistency for Macintosh by Sciral

Sciral Consistency fills an important niche between the calendar and the to-do list, enabling you to track and receive easy, color-coded feedback on how consistently you're performing important day-to-day tasks that are repeating yet flexible.

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 net control software

Teroid Font Browser by Teroid Software

This is a .NET font browser control. It displays installed fonts in a list box or dropdown list box, and can also show a sample of specified text in each font. Displays fonts in list box or dropdown list and raises event when user selects font.

net control net component database controls ole db displays names samples installed fonts list box dropdown

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