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last software

FlaxMenu by SprigSoft

Customize Adobe PhotoShop for easy work! The program expands features of standard interface and makes your work more comfortable and productive. The program is convenient for graphic programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact etc.) users.

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digital image editing software

Ulead PhotoImpact by Ulead Systems GmbH

PhotoImpact 8 delivers total image editing for the PC. Easily manage and enhance digital photos, create stunning graphics and produce high-impact Web pages for recreational or professional use.

digital image editing photo editing photo management web design creation picture editing graphic design software digital imaging digital image processing image editing tool image editing internet page design

halftone software

Halftone by VanDerLee

High-quality anti-aliassed halftone dithering on any RGB, Grayscale or Duotone image using any PhotoShop compatible graphics application. As seen on newspaper Photographs and also a popular effect as backgrounds for logo's and other styled graphics.

halftone dithering dither raster rastering newspaper black white mono photoshop paint draw photo image high-quality anti-aliassed halftone dithering photoshop comp applications

soften software

Softener by namesuppressed

namesuppressed's Softener Photoshop plugin enhances your images with soft, dreamy and glossy effects. It is specially designed for adding soft focus effects to portraits and photos. Softener supports preset files, and has an easy to use installer.

soften soft focus photography glossy portraits blur dreamy romantic plugin plugins plug-in plug-ins plug effect effects filter filters addons photoshop adobe photosuite paint shop pro photopaint

plug-in software

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro by AV Bros.

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0: this Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts' plug-in is an extremely powerful and flexible maker of jig-saw puzzles.

plug-in puzzle jig-saw jigsaw plugin photoshop psp photopaint best jig-saw puzzles maker plug-in around

graphic software

Virtual Painter by P & A America, Inc.

Turn your photos into beautiful paintings with just a few mouse clicks. It features a wide variety of painting styles and surfaces. This new version gives you 3 options - a stand alone version, a plug-in, or the Deluxe version that is BOTH!

graphic painting plug-in stand alone paint shop pro photoshop filter turn photos beautiful paintings just few mouse clicks

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