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dzsoft software

DzSoft PHP Editor by DzSoft Ltd

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. With its deceptive simplicity, it''s interface is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers, making PHP development easy and productive.

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arisesoft software

Arisesoft Winsyntax by Arisesoft

Arisesoft Winsyntax - is a free PHP-code editor, with the syntax highlighting and the context help for professional scripting. Supporting of the line kinds for PC/UNIX and encoding between ANSI-UTF8-KOI8. Integrated File Manager. Other features.

open documents html css pc unix php html script languages ini files

html editor software

BestAddress HTML Editor 2005 Professional by Multimedia Australia

Visually create, upload and maintain your websites with this multi-award-winning program. Design webpages with both visual (WYSIWYG) and code-based modes. Choose from a huge selection of features, some of which aren't available in other HTML editors.

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php editor software

Rapid PHP Editor 2005 by Blumentals Software

Fully featured, quick and sophisticated PHP editor. You can instantly create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Integrated tools allow you to easily validate, reuse, navigate and format your code.

syntax highlighting increase productivity html css integrated tools project management javascript code

top php studio software

Top PHP Studio by Top Systems

Top PHP Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for PHP. Top PHP Studio offers internal HTTP server, internal browser, built-in FTP client, syntax highlighting, file/server explorer, function/parameter/tag completion, code snippets and more

development php tool web development tool php top environment php studio

php editor software

Antechinus PHP Editor by C Point

Easily create, edit and run PHP scripts to add edge to your web creations. Become PHP expert in record time using a range of built-in tools: tutorials, syntax check, fast function finder, Intellisense / auto-complete, and context-sensitive help.

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php editor software

WeBuilder 2005 by Blumentals Software

Complete all-in-one web code editor for all your web document editing needs. Edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP within single program. Clean interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features enable you to do more in less time.

integrated tools auto complete web code ftp explorer html css script function

tsw software

TSW WebCoder by TSW

TSW WebCoder 2007 is the intelligent solution for anyone working with websites. Whether you''re a rookie or a professional, you will feel right at home with WebCoder, because of the customizable interface and helpful features.

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code editor software

Code Visual Editor by FateSoft

Code Visual Editor is a program editor integrating code browser, analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and visualization. It can be used to browse, edit, document, visualize, understand and flowchart source code

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text software

TotalEdit by CoderTools

TotalEdit - the free text editor for Windows. Edit PHP, C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript and SQL. Features include code folding, code compare, hex editor, unicode support, word wrap, find in files, and more.

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