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html editor software

Web Code Expert by DevSoftware

HTML editor,Code explorer.Full access to DOM and JavaScript models for any page(local or URL). Add/Update/Delete/Swap DOM nodes.Change any JavaScript propierties and Event handlers. Instant preview.Powerfull Color Picker.Run any JScript command.

html editor html code dom javascript jscript ie java script script script editor javascript editor html editor code explorer full access dom javascript models page

split software

Split 'n Match Infinite by Alan Yap

Test your eye for details by locating/matching random cells picked out from a splitted puzzle pic before the time runs out.

split match puzzle eye coordination fun great good detail pic map cells time timer blocks cell clock dice roll walk character

activex software

PickList by Dev4Dev

PickList is an ActiveX control for selecting items from one list (available) and moving them to another list (selected). This is most useful in applications such as an email client.

activex control picklist vb visual basic ocx activex control selecting items one list moving another list

bubble software

Bubble Bobble Nostalgie by Alawar Entertainment&GameOverGames

You play one or a pair of little dragons. These dragons can blow bubbles to catch enemies inside. Jump on a bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop them! You can also pick up some power-ups to make your journey easy.

bubble bobble nostalgie arcade new classic remake alawar entertainment play one pair little dragons blow bubbles catch enemies inside

formula software

Formula Broomstick by Absolutist.com

This is a Formula One race on brooms! Seventeen tracks in different countries, skill levels, training races, all the fastest brooms to take your pick, and many other cool things. Take part in the Web-contest for top players. Great 3d graphics.

formula one broom harry potter wizard flight nimbus quidditch hogwarts simulator fireball track speed shoot 3d arcade games online demo

download software

Montezooma by nordos game studio

An arcade adventure game for windows. Pick up the required items to advance to the next level. There are over 40 unique and challenging levels! More than 15 different monsters. Include MATRIX - transport insect

games arcade adventure shareware arhiv fun action arcade adventure

game software

Icarus by Random Software

Ever had trouble finding an opponent for a good game of chess? Icarus is the newest, easiest-to-use interface for the Internet Chess Club, where you can always pick up a game with an opponent on your level.

chess internet chess club icc absolutely best internet chess program available anywhere

dos software

WinDos by Berkeley Designing Company

DOS Command Prompt utility. Open a Command Prompt from a Window pick-and-point directory. Print nested directory trees to the printer. Add user defined paths to a quick retrieval menu. Type DOS and Windows commands from with a Windows Line Prompt.

dos command prompt desktop explorer directory directories file manager tools utility utilities pick-and-point easy to use simple fast mini make copy rename mkdir rmdir

atomic time software

1st Atomic Time by Green Parrots Software

1st Atomic Time adjusts your system time with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick the fastest and most reliable servers and adjust the time automatically at regular intervals. 1st Atomic Time can work as a time server for any network.

atomic time atomic clock time exact time what time is it current time time clock correct time atomic time clock accurate time exact time atomic clock exact time of day time synchronization current time atomic clock time atomic clock atomic and time keeps system time accurate synchronizing atomic time servers

text software

CoolSpeaking by YesGoal LLC.

CoolSpeaking can read text from emails, webpages, and e-books. With a real-time reading, you can catch spelling mistakes easily. Convert your text to WAV file and choose 11 languages. Change the speed and pitch of the voice. Pick your skin and more.

text speech wav wave reader convert converter converting have computer read emails webpages ebooks text type


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