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software defender software

Software Defender by AnyWidget LLC

Software and digital product activation service. Stops piracy of your products. If you can point and click, then you have what it takes to stop pirates from ripping you off and profiting from your digital products.

network configuration point and click web based control trial keys windows vista compatible software pirates

protection software

License&Security by Unettle

Integrate licensing into your applications and maintain a database of your licensees. Protect your software against piracy by using hash, checksums, antidebugging and antimonitoring. It includes functions of enciphering and the digital signature.

copy protection software protection license anticrack cryptography license&security unettle license control

exam software

Test Pro Developer by Atrixware

Exam and ELearning Development Software. Rapidly Create Printed, Microsoft Word, Online, HTML, PHP, ASP, SCORM, WebCT, and even Windows executable Elearning software packages complete with piracy protection. Used all over the world since 1997.

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anti software

LeoGuard by LeoKrut

Anti piracy solution in VC++ and PHP codes with IPN via PayPal. Protection features include antidebuging time limitations, hiding password from end user and third parties processing payments , ability to modify algorithms at will.

piracy anti

porn scanner software

SmutScanner by SmutScanner

SmutScanner is a product for monitoring computer usage for families or businesses. It will find evidence of pornography, drugs, violence, self-harm and piracy (software, movies and music) both on the computer and in the Internet browsing history.

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visual basic software

DF_ProtectionKit by Info2000

This is a software toolkit that allow any developer to protect its developed software against piracy and illegal copies in one single row of code!

protezione visual basic evalutation freeware valutazione form info2000 protect

security software

CDSHiELD SE by Mindestworx

CDSHiELD SE is a CD-Protector Application which can provide a good protection against copying and ripping made from harmful persons. Using CDSHiELD Protection into your 'production' will preserve your works from hackers and illegal copying...

software professional cd copy cdrom tool cdshield misc prevention

software protection software

SDProtector by SDProtect

SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and distribution.With SDProtector,it''s easy to turn your application in "try-before-you-buy" versio

protect software anti-apihook software license management protect anti-softice software protection anti-tracer compression

anti-piracy software

Logic Protect by Logic Software

Logic Protect is a reliable anti-piracy, copy protection, software activation and license management system featuring high level of security and protection against illegal software copying and distribution.

illegal software copying logic protect anti-piracy software activation software protection software distribution copy protection license management

copy software

ExeShield by ExeShield

With ExeShield it's easy to turn your applications into "try-before-you-buy" software with very little effort, and maximum protection against piracy, backdating, reverse-engineering or any kind of tampering.

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