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Alchemist Wizard by Dekovir Entertainment

3d arcade platformer game in fantasy world. You play as a wizard-alchemist and explore large world. Catch various creatures to combine its in cauldron to create powerful spells. Collect enough magical runes to proceed to boss.

game arcade action 3d platformer 3d arcade game fantasy world

goose software

Goose Chase by Gil Zussman

Addicting fast paced platformer action along with rich 3D graphics. Ramble through a zany world; avoid traps and enemies; scare as many geese as you can till their eyes pop out. Adventure? Insanity? nope, just a Goose Chase.

goose chase platform game action 3d zany fun fast addicting fast paced action along rich 3d graphics

free software

Max 2: Counterattack by Piotr Chodzinski

Extended 2D platform game. To play this game you need a lot of dexterity and a small dose of logical thinking ability. Goal is easy - just kill all the enemies and get to next level :).

free game platform max graphic cool music good hours long extended platform game kill enemies collect money

best software

Best Friends by Retro64 Computer Games

Best Friends is an ultra-cute 3D platform game where you help the 2 friends, Petey and Patty, reunite with each other. Each board is totally unique, almost like its own little game. Try not to fall as the boards twist and slide!

best friends mario nintendo monkeyball platform help reunite petey patty ultra-cute 3d

arcade software

Blade Master by Awem studio

Blade Master is a perfect side scrolling platform shooter with a brilliant blend of realistic graphics, blistering game play, an original soundtrack and an absorbing storyline. Try it and get pumped!

arcade master game download shooter shareware power blade 2 action blade master breathtaking side scrolling platform shooter

gink in trouble software

Gink in Trouble by Generation Stars

Gink in Trouble is an arcade game with only one goal: Survive as long as you can! Every time you play the game, it is different. The rules of the game are simple, you are an alien creature called Gink and you are fighting your way to the exit...

gink in trouble gold seeker raklem snakey yambo caveship generation stars dice yamb yahtzee panic invaders gink igre free etai

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