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keylogger software

Eye Spy Pro by Low Budget Designs

Eye Spy Pro is top of the line and number one in its class when it comes to Surveillance Software for your PC. Not only is this program at the top, it''s also very user friendly. Monitor your children online and more!

keylogger monitor pc computer monitoring

supreme spy software

Supreme Spy by

Supreme Spy is an easy to use computer monitor/keylogger that records all activity on your pc, capturing keystrokes, programs, websites and screenshots.

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monitoring software

Esp Vision by Horizon DataSys Inc.

ESP is powerful and can be used for monitoring children, students, co-workers, or just about anyone else! ESP+ Monitoring runs hidden in the background so you can monitor whenever you want.

monitoring survailance spy surveillance silent e-mail investigation supervising parental control internet control

cd player software

OrangeCD Player by Firetongue Software

OrangeCD Player is a compact freeware program that allows you to listen audio CDs through your computer CD-ROM and audio card. The player supports FreeDB Internet database and integrates with music database software.

cd player tray taskbar freedb freeware free orangecd player compact taskbar based cd player freedb support

reader software

Orneta Reader for Smartphone 2002 by Orneta

Orneta Reader lets you open and view any Adobe PDF or Text (.txt) document directly from a Windows Mobile based Smartphone. Read eBook files of any size. Files can be open and read, graphics wont interrupt your reading experience, and not displayed.

reader ebook pdf viewer book read electronic book

cd software

CoolCD Studio by Gracebyte Software

A full featured AudioCD player with full CDDB support and variety of feedback visualizations

cd disc player audio digital cddb visualization oscilloscope spectrum analizer graphical equalizer winamp plugin mixer full featured audiocd player full cddb support

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