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alarmclock software

PMV AlarmClock by PMV Soft Inc

PMV AlarmClock is a little tool wich helps to save your computer resources by powering-off it on timeout or at chosen time.

alarmclock alarm clock shutdown power poweroff screensaver alarmclock play sound poweroff chosen time

resistance table software

Resistance table by DataPartner

Resistance table is a tool for people who work with chemicals and want to know which material is resistant to a chemical. With the easy, but powerful, search function you will find the sought chemical.

resistance table chemical lookup dictionary resistance material chemical chemicals resistance function easy german relations resistant temperatures tool people who know which material resistant chemical

quick software

Paraben''s Easy Access by Paraben Corporation

Organize and access groups of programs quickly and easily with Paraben''s Easy Access. Add fully customizable groupings of programs or files to your program bar. Access your most commonly used programs easily and get your computer organized!

quick launch easy access menu start bar program launcher

search software

SearchInform by SoftInform

Full-text search considering morphology and synonyms. Searching documents similar by content. Support of documents of any text formats and various data sources. Fast indexing (15-30 GB/h), the 'important words' function to pin-point the search

search dicuments search similar search database

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