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Secure Reminder by SecureReminder.com

Reminder software for Windows desktop. Can serve as desktop reminder, task scheduler, PIM and password generator. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions. Creates one-time and recurrent (daily, monthly, etc.) desktop reminders, send reminders over LAN/Internet. You can set alarm for each note to be reminded about daily tasks or special dates and events. Strong information encryption. Built-in password generator.

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clients database management software

A-Z Organizer by JOSYTAL

ALL-IN-ONE information manager for personal and/or business needs: Customizable day planner with reminder * Schedules and tasks manager with graphical illustrations * Personal/Business Contacts database manager * Built-in batch e-mailer for announcing personal messages, sales or/and marketing campaigns* Internet search engines organizer * Database security and backup functions * Audo-visual events reminder with pop-up alerts * Customizable option

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reminder software

MoRUN.net Secure Reminder by MoRUN.net

Reminder software for Windows desktop. Creates desktop reminders and post it notes. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions (repeating alarm; pop up or flash reminder; run programs; open web pages, documents at a specified time; computer shut down ). Keeps secure data in a safe manner: strong information encryption, 3 security levels. Built-in random password generator. Can be used as advanced post it notes software.

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personal software

Personal Calendar Generator by Luc Sillis

Highly flexible calendar maker : Add your personal events. Input repetitive events.Add your own pictures to month or day. Link your event to webpages, e-mailaddresses or any attachmentfile .Highly customizable: Public holidays until 2011 from 19 countries included, Add your own country or region, Multilingual: 7 languages included, Use your own language. Calendar use: Publish on the web. Use your calendar as an event-reminder.

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data management software

A-Z Planner by JOSYTAL

Advanced, multi-functional tool that allows individuals, small businesses, and corporations to manage all kinds of tasks and schedules effectively: daily, weekly, monthly planner with audible and pop-up reminders for high priority tasks, round-the-clock graphical illustrations and alerts. Exports reports to other formats: Word, Excel, Text, HTML. Ready-to-use solutions with examples. Customizable options for different likes and colors. Try It!

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