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pop-up software

PopNot by High-Density Software

PopNot is an intelligent pop-up killer that stops unwanted pop-ups while still permitting solicited pop-ups (those requested by clicking on a link, pressing a button, etc.), with no need to set up for particular websites or keywords.

pop-up popup pop up pop up killer stopper suppressor suppress kill eliminate ad ads intelligent advertisement block stop internet explorer internet explorer web surf internet open new

macmonete toolbar software

MacMonete Toolbar by CED Soft

It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

macmonete toolbar toolbar ourtoolbar its free no spyware viruses does not open pop-ups hijack

block banners software

[OMEGA] - PopUp Killer by MegaSoft Ltd.

Keep your Internet surfing free of pop-up ads.Block banners or pop-up windows .Stop annoying pop-up windows that appear while you browse the Web.Keep your surfing private while stopping annoying pop-ups and Flash ads

block banners pop-up popup flash ads stops annoying pop-up windows that appear while you browse the web stop annoying pop-up windows appear while browse web

privacy software

Popup and Privacy Defender Pro by SynergeticSoft

Internet Vulnerability Profiling and Removing tool. Secure your online privacy.Powerful Pop-up Killer and Internet history eraser. pop-ups blocking software solution that is easy to install and blocks All unwanted pop-ups from your PC.

privacy software popup defender pop up killer popup stopper pop-up stoper popup block stop popup pop up block erase history internet eraser evidence eliminator internet vulnerability profiling removing tool pop-up killer

popups software

Xavier PopUp Killer by Xavier Media

Xavier's Popup Killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect.

popups pop-ups popunders pop-unders blocker killer stopper remover ads advertising kazaa morpheus grokster imesh direct connect gator gain c2 comet systems cydoor marketscore

stop-the-pop-up software

Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite by Sureshot

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.

stop-the-pop-up lite pop up popup popups ups windows stopper ad killer messenger service spam kazaa lite morpheus grokster imesh direct connect file sharing stop kill

phone software

Advanced Call Center by Pingram Marketing

An advanced, yet simple-to-use telephone tware answering machine for your voice modem. All the features you'd expect are supported: call monitoring and logging, Caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, "white" and "black" lists, and others.

phone call caller telephone telephone answering machine caller id voice modem paging call forward voice mail phone call recording conversation record monitor advanced yet simple-to-use phone answering machine voice modem


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