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dynamic toolbar software

InstantBar by Soft Service Ltd

InstantBar allows to create toolbar, replace text with links in IE, show popups, set favorite links to your visitors, set homepage by your choice, instant installation from browser, real time update from admin to all computers where it was installed.

dynamic toolbar create toolbar ie toolbar iebar toolbar builder online toolbar replace text with links display popup instantbar allows create toolbar replace text links ie show popup

block banners software

[OMEGA] - PopUp Killer by MegaSoft Ltd.

Keep your Internet surfing free of pop-up ads.Block banners or pop-up windows .Stop annoying pop-up windows that appear while you browse the Web.Keep your surfing private while stopping annoying pop-ups and Flash ads

block banners pop-up popup flash ads stops annoying pop-up that appear while you browse the web stop annoying pop-up appear while browse web

hide software

Hide Master by GigaMind Systems

Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs. Hide Master allows you to hide (and unhide) specified windows and groups of windows by pressing a combination of Hotkeys.

hide show display boss hide windows hide programs hide applications desktop utility security easy-to-use tool hiding applications

spybot software

Max Privacy Protector by eSunSoft Technologies

Do you feel safe when banking or purchasing online? Spyware programs record your every keystroke giving hackers the ability to capture credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, Web site you visited and other personal identifying information.

spybot online privacy adware spyware remover maxnetshield encryption software spyware nuker spywareblaster spyware removal keylogger spy ware remover internet eraser adware remover internet spy histary remover evidence eliminator max privacy protector pc history eraser spy killer

mercurysoftworks software

SamplePage by MercurySoftworks

The most flexible and easy-to-use personal and corporate html editor with big suite of components, beautiful interface, personal page creating wizard... - practically free offer from MercurySoftworks.

mercurysoftworks programs develop samplepage html editor web design html design web site

popup software

Advanced Popup Killer by Innovative Solutions

popup killer companion annoying kill close unwanted pop-up version new kazaa opera internet explorer popup appear surf web get rid those annoying pop

adware remover software

AdwareX Eliminator by AdwareX Eliminator

The newest adware remover, spyware remover and virus remover with an exhaustive database of over 20000+ definitions and rising! AdwareX Eliminator is the one and only true product that completely removes all the spywares in your PC for good!

adware remover spyware remover spyware scanner adware eliminator spyware eliminator adwarex eliminator virus remover virus killer popup blocker anti spy spyware killer remove adware internet security online privacy spybot removal eliminates adwares spywares might exist pc software

SohoCalendar by

SohoCalendar has been implemented in order to provide ASP.NET developers with an easy yet visual way to select date and/or time in web forms and applications. .net webcontrols .net calendar date time select visual way select date time asp net

code software

Arigola Html2Php Converter by PT. Arigola

Arigola Html2Php Code Converter is a "MUST HAVE" web developing tools for webmaster You can use this software as shareware, and you are free to try our product for 30 days evaluation period. Convert any html code into php,asp,PhpNuke Block & Module

code php asp converter creator generator convert html code php asp create phpnuke block modules

auto software

Internet Image Hunter by

Internet Image Hunter is an easy to use Internet Browser with built-in IE core. ImageHunter is a what you see what you get Image downloader. All images that you are viewing will be automatically saved. In addition, function of auto login are provide.

auto image downloader auto download image picture downloader fill-in form auto fill-in form record form edit form bookmark goto form auto click login form pop-up window killer popup advertisement cleaner browser internet macro simple web browser able auto image fill-in form

pop software

AntiTracer by Network Research Lab, Ltd.

AntiTracer is a pop-up destroying application that will let you browse the Web without annoying pop-up ads yet still view the ones you want. AntiTracer also eradicates all traces of your past Internet and other computer activities.

pop up pop-up killer blocker bloker hide privacy security eliminator protect shareware delete internet history logs cookies cache files clipboard contents secret index.dat temp directories recent files list mru files internet explorer netscape windo

registry software

WinASO Registry Optimizer by X.M.Y. International LLC

WinASO Registry Optimizer repairs Windows registry problems with a few mouse clicks.

registry optimize system clean ie restore repairs registry problems few mouse clicks

ad blocker software

Super Ad Blocker by

Super Ad Blocker blocks all forms of advertising including fly-in, slide-in, flash, rich media, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware ads, messenger ads, and more! Includes advanced privacy cleaning and automatic updates so the product is never out of date!

ad blocker popup stop popup pop-up stopper pop-up blocker cleaning privacy pop-up killer popup stopper popup blocker banner ad remover internet cleaner track eraser ad filter no popups stop popups x10 casino

screensavers software

Software Selections by The Bargain Monkey

Software selections will allow you to check our database of freeware for new applications without the need to go to our website

screensavers xpipcfg popup stopper password selections will allow check our database new

launch software

Launch Express by Nextriver Software

This small program makes a huge difference! Launch Express puts any program, document or folder only one click away! No need to browse through endless folders and scroll through files. Simply press Win+Q or mouse roller and click an icon. Try it now!

launch express quick popup wheel open document folder one click works better than quick launch


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