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xml editor software

XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor by

The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor: 1.True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views. 2.Grid-like table views to display table-like XML data. 3.Syntax-colored free-form text editor. 4.Intelligent popup list in editor.

xml editor xml tool xml tools xsl editor xml spy xmlspy xml notepad xmlwriter xmetal xmlmind xxe xml xsl xslt xhtml html tree editor spy ultimate lightweight schema stylesheet transform affordable

stop-the-pop-up software

Stop-the-Pop-Up by Sureshot

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.

stop-the-pop-up pop up popup popups ups stopper ad killer messenger service spam kazaa lite morpheus grokster imesh direct connect file sharing stop kill banner

sureshot software

Sureshot PopUp Killer by Sureshot

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.

sureshot kill stop pop up popup popups ups stopper ad killer kazaa lite morpheus grokster imesh direct connect file sharing banner peer savenow save

atomic software

Atomic Popup Wizard by Information Packaging

Atomic Popup Wizard is a powerful and easy to use popup creator for your website. It is the ulitmate way to promote your special offer on your website and ensure everyone has seen it.

atomic popup wizard html javascript window scroll bar size frequency atomic popup wizard powerful easy popup creator

nist software

Free Popup Window Blocker by xTy Technology

xTyHTMLDecrypter is a FREE and light-weighted Internet Explorer extension (not a toolbar!). Features: (1) Decrypt web pages that are encrypted using the NIST standard AES encryption. (2) Block popup windows efficiently. Sample of encrypted page

nist aes encryption web page decrypter web data security html encryption popup window blocker ie extension 1 decrypt web pages 2 block popup

free software

FREEping by Tools4ever

Free graphical ping utility with built-in statistics, background pinging and popup notification.

ping graphical ping built-in statistics popup alerting

toolbar software

etcetera: Search Toolbar by Pkp Software

Search any website and kill popups with this powerful search toolbar. With etcetera, you can search hundreds of websites or add your own through a wizard. etcetera is the most powerful search toolbar and popup killer software available.

toolbar search toolbar popup popups search submit form explorer browser internet etcetera search website kill popups powerful search toolbar

phaseout software

PhaseOut by PhaseOut team

This browser is different. This browser is for having fun. Huge Interface Clean Up and smart PopUp blocker, PhotoMail, Switchable Skins, Controller and Professional Customization for ISP with Channels remote Admin custom e-mails and parental control

phaseout browser tabbed browser privacy clean up popup blocker cutomization skins skin parental control huge interface customizable browser 4 gamers clean smart popup blocker

popups software

Popup Blocker by eAcceleration Corp.

eAnthology's Popup Blocker stops website generated advertising popups, without stopping the popups you want, like 'more info' popups and links you click on. Popup Blocker can sound a chime when it blocks a popup, so that you know what is going on.

popups advertising block ad blocking popup blocking popup blocker ads popup blocker surf web without constant barrage ads

popup killer software

SurfGhost by SurfGhost

SurfGhost is the Web's most advanced popup blocker and privacy protector . SurfGhost erases your Internet tracks and blocks annoying Pop ups

popup killer popup stopper popup blocker pop up killer internet tracks cleaner pop up blocker surfghost erases internet tracks blocks annoying pop ups

gleanersoft software

GL-AD Popup Terminator by GleanerSoft

GL-AD Popup Terminator is an intelligent popup killer that can identify all the unwanted popup windows and kill them before they appear on the screen.

gleanersoft gleaner popup popups pop-up internet explorer internet kill killer privacy history cache reset erase reset tool kills terminate stopper terminator downloads ad ad-free register

popup stopper software


Tired with all those ads that fill your screen while you browse the Web? 9.95 POPUP BLOCKER eliminates the pop-up and pop-under windows that slow down and hurt your Internet experience. Works with all major browsers. Enjoy surfing the Web again!

popup stopper pop up stopper popup killer pop up killer popup blocker pop up blocker privacy eliminate popup slow down hurt internet experience

popup software

PopupWar PRO by

If you didn't click it you don't want it. Call it smart, call it what you want. We just call it effective. No more popup windows ever. The best companion to file sharing programs like kazaa, grokster, morpheus, etc

popup internet privacy advertisement window popups pop-ups adware spyware 100 popup window killer ie adware spyware

search software

Blowsearch Toolbar by Adorigin Corp

The Free Blowsearch Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads. The Toolbar includes informational tools such as Web results from the leading search engines.

search search tool mp3 search mp3 thesaurus stock quotes public records horoscopes maps web results yellow pages white pages dictionary toolbar blowsearch toolbar serves both way get relevant information

pop software

PopUp Burner by Asmw Soft Systems

PopUp burner will help you stop annoying pop-up windows which do suddenly appear while you're surfing the internet. it stops Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator PopUps.

pop popup killer eleminate block popup burn popup popup burner popup killer stop popup stop internet navigator pop-ups surf faster using less bandwidth


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