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 ad kill software

Popup Ad Killer by TopLang

Popup Ad Killer can kill any annoying popup advertising windows when you browse web sites. it use the intelligent filter technology to capture and kill popup ad window, needn't your intervention.

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popup remover software

Winguard Popup Remover by Winguard Solutions LLC

Winguard Popup Remover uses the only patent pending technology available on the market to block virtually all popups. It blocks all web-based and spyware-generated popups, and is compatible with all major web browsers including Firefox.

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hijack software

Desktop Armor by Headlight Software, Inc.

Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, notifying you when something is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject it. This catches many of the changes made by a virus, trojan or worm; protecting your computer from harm. And much more.

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internet advertising software

Jvw Popup maker and Dhtml AD generator by Jimmy's Value World, Inc.

Effective Advertising tool by Jvw, inc. (Labelled as the NEXT generation of popup advertising.)

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