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AbsoluteControl by Kamatoz Computing

AbsoluteControl(tm) offers wide range of OS control tools available on single click. It can set your screen resolution with highest possible refresh rate, open\close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown and poweroff your system & web-search. FREEWARE!

shutdown reboot power off hibernate windows system os 2k 2000 xp cd-rom open close mode resolution screen switch switcher set monitor mindit control absolutecontrol ac

shutdown software

RM_Down by Red Method

32-bit console app. to shutdown Windows based machines. Useful if needed in a script. Can associate a shortcut to the application and use it on the desktop.

shutdown logoff reboot script 32-bit console app shutdown windows based machines scriptable

alarmclock software

PMV AlarmClock by PMV Soft Inc

PMV AlarmClock is a little tool wich helps to save your computer resources by powering-off it on timeout or at chosen time.

alarmclock alarm clock shutdown power screensaver pmv alarmclock play sound chosen time

shutdown software

12Ghosts ShutDown by 12Ghosts Inc.

Shut down with one click or with one key stroke. Run scan disk and backup programs programs, daily or at certain days of the week. Just one click, then leave your computer and it will power-off automatically after all programs finished.

shutdown control logoff idle boot-ini shut down one click run scan disk backup programs programs before

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