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matris software

MaTris by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware

MaTris is a nice program for practicing the basic operations of arithmetic. The calculation method is preselectable. It includes simple counting exercises, addition with symbols, addition/subtraction, multiplication and division.

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mathematics software

MatheMax Pro by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware

MatheMax is an entertaining and varied program for practicing basic arithmetic operations. The calculation method is preselectable, including simple counting exercises, addition with symbols, addition/subtraction, multiplication and division.

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scolasoft software

Math Flight by Scolasoft

Children can now have fun while learning & practicing basic math! Race against a jet as you answer mathematics questions and travel around the world discovering new countries. Great for children, even adults wanting to brush up on basic arithmetic.

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Win Squared Problem Solver by Arcadian Software

Provides an instant list of tactics for solving common negotiation, persuasion and conflict resolution problems. It analyzes the unique facts of your situation and provides custom advice tailored to your style, goals and level of assertiveness.

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bigtime software

BigTime by Hahn Technology, Inc.

BigTime: Easy to see count down timer with optional completion alarm and 1 second increments. Time can be set from 1 second to 100 hours. Start, Stop, Reset functions allow pauses and restarts. Great for classrooms and presentations.

bigtime timer countdown bigtime easy see count down timer completion alarm 1 second increments

word software

Word Solitaire by Haversack Software

Word games for one! Word Solitaire is a collection of 30 challenging single-player word games, including solitaire variations of your favorite board games, word-based versions of FreeCell, Pyramid and Tetris, and many more fun and original games.

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chinese software

PowerWord: Chinese English Dictionary by Javvin Company

PowerWord is the choice of over 20 million users worldwide as a multimedia dictionary and encyclopedia for learning Chinese and English, as well as for assisting in English-Chinese translations. Designed for all levels of users.

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