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prime factorization software

Factorizer by Hermetic Systems

A program to find all factors of any positive integer less than 2^31 - 2, to decompose numbers into their prime constituents, to find prime numbers and pairs of primes, and to plot Erdos-Kac and Palmen Color histograms.

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primes software

CFB Primes by CFB Software

CFB Primes is an optimised PalmOS program which can find the prime factors and closest primes of any integer up to one billion (US) in a few seconds or less. The standard edit menu allows you to make use of the results in other applications.

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instant messaging software

CapeSoft Office Messenger by CapeSoft

CapeSoft Office Messenger is a peer to peer office instant Messaging program. It's great for sending all sorts of messages instantly to your office colleagues and it's easy enough for everyone to use.

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prime number spiral software

Prime Number Spiral by Hermetic Systems

The Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral) is formed by marking the prime numbers in a spiral arrangement of the natural numbers. This is software is for exploring the Prime Number Spiral.

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primes software

Prime Derivatives by Successful Creations Software, Inc.

Enter any number up to twenty digits, and click the button. The result will be a string of unique prime numbers that can evenly be divided into the number that was entered.

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