Printadapters Software

printadapters software

PrintAdapters by TMG Development Ltd

PrintAdapters for .NET helps the software developer to add printing support for the complex Windows Forms controls ListView, TreeView and RichTextBox to their dotnet application. It also supports DataTable and DataView printing.

printadapters net dotnet dotnet datatable listview richtextbox treeview form form print print component component control control printing printing report report reporting reporting gdi gdi

web software

webcamXP PRO by Moonware Studios /

webcamXP is an utility that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer. the web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few parameters such as server port and local directory.

web cam webcam xp broadcast stream avi video live motion detector gallery effects overlay powerful webcam server

exe software

AppPackager by Atma Software

AppPackager compresses and encrypts an EXE file, then inserts all the DLLs, ActiveX controls and other files it uses into the EXE. This improves security, hides DLLs, and ensures that you always have the correct version of shared DLLs and OCXs.

exe embed insert bundle dll ocx compress encrypt register security scripts

comic book software

Comic Book Manager by Brent Shelton

Manage your comic book collection. Run reports. Download updates. Screens for Publisher, Series, Titles, Issues, Characters, Pencilers, Colorers, Inkers, and Writers. 16 reports. Scan or load Character Images and Issue Images from file.

comic book comicbook collection hobby

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