Privatedisk Software

lsdtech software

LSDTech PrivateDisk by LSDTech

PrivateDisk protects your private data by making them invisible and encrypted. You place your files and folders into PrivateDisk virtual disk image file and no one can't even see what them. To get access to actual data a password is required.

lsdtech file disk drive virtual utilities encryption protection security protects private data making them invisible encrypted

firewall software

NeT Firewall by NT Kernel Resources

NeT Firewall is a comprehensive stateful firewall solution built to protect Windows-based systems not currently protected by a firewall.

firewall stateful solution

 pdf417 software

PDF417 2D Barcode ATL ActiveX by MW6 Technologies, Inc.

PDF417 2D Barcode ATL ActiveX

pdf417 2d barcode atl activex pdf417 2d barcode atl activex

full-text software

SearchBlackBox SDK by SearchBlackBox Software

Integrating a search engine into your own applications offers some valuable benefits. SearchBlackBox SDK offers an extensive API that allows you to add full-text search capabilities to your .NET applications without extra coding.

full-text search engine sdk .net retrieval asp c#

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