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winsock software

MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for FoxPro by MarshallSoft Computing

MarshallSoft Dialup Networking (DUN) Component for Visual FoxPro. Ver 2.1.

winsock dun dialer dialup visual foxpro ras marshallsoft dialup networking dun component visual foxpro ver 2 1

cover software

Asmw Eraser Pro by Asmw Soft Systems

Protect your privacy by erasing the tracks of your activities.

cover security internet history cookies disk clean tracks eraser protect privacy erasing tracks activities

encrypt software

Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer by SecureAction Research, LLC

Encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/work with .ZIP from Windows context menu

encrypt encryptor password protect blowfish extracted encrypted shred blowfish explorer desx zip unzip pkzip winzip encryption software

hydraulic software

Flow Pro by ProSoft Apps

Designs waterways and channels

hydraulic design waterways channels slope critical sub super mannings designs waterways channels

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