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smtp software

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for FoxPro by MarshallSoft Computing

SMTP / POP3 Visual FoxPro email component library to send and receive mail.

smtp pop3 email winsock component library visual foxpro foxpro mime tcp-ip control email component html mime mail component attachment base64 uuencode send mail iso-8859 utf-8 dll image protocol proxy

antispy software

AntiSpy Pro by DevelopEx

AntiSpy Pro erase tracks of your work in all popular browsers and applications

antispy anti spy software delete history clean-up index-dat erase tracks eliminate traces wipe tracks antispy pro erase tracks work popular browsers applications

html software

FlexSite by Lincoln Beach Software

Well organized, feature rich HTML authoring tool. Uses split screen to view.

html editor web flexsite well organized feature rich html authoring tool uses split screen view

basta software

RascalPro by Basta Computing, Inc.

RascalPro: Advanced Internet connection manager and keeper.

basta rascalpro web connection keeper pinger stay keep alive manager dial-up dialer automation connected redial busy schedule log service server fees dun ras server startup

outlook express software

Outlook Express Email Saver by MazePath Software

save your email the easy way, anywhere. Keep it safe and secure: it's easy!

outlook express archive save email save outlook express outlook express tools outlook express email e-mail save e-mail email tool save email easy way anywhere keep safe secure its easy

fleet software

Fleet Maintenance Pro Enterprise by Innovative Maintenance Systems

fleet maintenance mgmt for shops. Track work orders, PM, repairs, parts, labor

fleet maintenance vehicle auto equipment work order parts car truck machinery pm repair service fuel gas diesel history

excel add-in software

Business Functions Basic Edition by Business Functions Ltd

Excel Financial Add-In with 50 functions for planning and analysis

excel add-in add-in financial modeling excel functions excel financial add-in 50 functions planning analysis


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