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mp3 organizer software

Abee MP3 Database Organizer by AbeeTech

Abee Mp3 Database Organizer is a program for sorting out your mp3, wma and ogg files. It searchs files at your computer disks and then classify them by artists, albums, years, genres and by first letter of title. Thus you can find easyly any song you want.

email mail program computer disks genre mp3 file chm file

online timer software

isptimer by Creative Software

A useful utility to monitor your monthly dial up on line time with a very small foot print. For those users who have set monthly accounts where exceeding the time limit incurs additional charges. The program counts down displaying the time left.

timer countdown monthly utility online timer dialup time monitor online useful monitor time

spyware software

W8Soft Ad-Spy Remover by

Ad-Spy Remover software goes above and beyond your typical spyware removal software and actively monitors which programs are running on your computer. If it sees a spyware or adware program trying to start, it will stop it dead in it's tracks!

spy remover monitors internet explorer t direct adware spyware removal software

registry software

Asmw Tweak 2003 by Asmw Soft Systems

System utility Asmw Tweak 2003 is a cool program designed to make your computer clean and more stable. This is a collection of over 30 system-maintenance and optimization utilities, including registry cleaner, startup manager, internet eraser and more.

start tweak boost tune add install speed remove optimize load registry maintenance fix windows xp clean heal

email software

Scam Sensor for Outlook Express by Software

Scam Sensor is an Outlook Express add-on that examines every e-mail message you read and notifies you if the message is a phishing scam. Download and install this program to protect yourself, your family and your business from e-mail scams.

scams spyware outlook phishing protects add-on email scam e-mail spam privacy express security phishing

windows wallpaper software

Wallpaper Recycler III by Accidental Software

This program makes it easy to use your pictures as Windows Wallpaper. Simply collect the pictures you want to use from any drive or folder on your computer. Add these pictures to any of 10 lists for display at any interval you select.

wallpaper changer windows wallpaper wallpaper pictures

caldsoft software

ID3 Lab by CaldSoft

With this program you are able to create, modify, and remove both ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags. There is a helpful renaming facility which allows you to rename the file using its ID3 Tag so that the file name makes more sense.

id3 caldsoft mp3 tag

magnify software

Super Magnify by Kevin Solway

Magnifies portions of your screen up to 15 times. With special interpolation routine to maintain detail when magnifying. Optionally shows mouse cursor arrow. As screen resolutions get higher and higher, you''ll use this program more and more.

utilities screen capture graphics solway magnify

barcode creator software

BarcodeAnywhere by 2P Technologies,Inc

BarcodeAnywhere is a powerful yet very easy-to-use barcode creator program which you can trust to meet your barcode everyday needs anywhere your business leads to.

rectangle image files business leads incremental data layouts image file

movie software

Ant Movie Catalog Viewer by

This is a program to display movie catalog files (*.amc files) created by Ant Movie Catalog. It has a configurable sleek user interface and is suitable for stand-alone catalog kiosque that only need to open the file read-only.

movie viewer amc catalog


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