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excel software

ExcelEverywhere for HTML by Framtidsforum I&M AB

Calculate on the WEB. Using this unique software, everyone can create interactive and calculating webpages. Solve your problem using Microsoft Excel, and let ExcelEverywhere convert it to HTML with embedded JavaScript. No programming needed.

excel spreadsheet html xhtml javascript wap e-commerce js activex applet convert jscript convert ms excel workbook interactive calculating webpage

terminal software

Dark Connector by Terminal Zero

Dark Connector is an Advanced Telnet Client, with major features including an advanced, built in scripting language supporting many BASIC programming commands such as IF, ELSE, ENDIF and GOTO, File Logging, Variables, and much more.

terminal zero terminal zero dark connector dark connector telnet client telnet client advanced telnet client scripting features logging

component software

ColorBtn by Syringa Software, Inc.

Custom component developed by Syringa Software for use in the Delphi (TM Inprise Corp.) programming language. Derived from (Borland) unit Buttons, it has pushbutton properties and additional properties of color: background color and font color.

component custom component delphi programming buttons pushbutton color colored button colorbtn package component package custom component delphi programming language

text editor software

DailyEdit by AnvaSoft, Inc.

DailyEdit is an advanced and easy-to-use professional text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor that features powerful, automatic and customizable color syntax highlighting, with source code for popular programming languages.

text editor text edit file editor file edit program editor editor edit developer editor syntax syntax highlighting assembly language assambler asm java pascal asmedit notepad text files text file edits fully functional fastest

activex software

Evans FTP by Evans Programming

Evans FTP is a total FTP programming solution designed for use with all ActiveX and COM supporting languages. Evans FTP includes two ActiveX controls and two COM DLLs to maximize your ability to write the best possible FTP components or applications.

activex ftp controls activex ftp controls ftp dlls activex file transfer dlls com object dlls custom controls file transfer components ocx ocx visual basic programming visual basic programming custom vb vba access proxy

smtp software

Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ by MarshallSoft Computing

The Winsock Interface Library simplifies winsock network communications programming and provides support for the most common Internet protocols such as Finger, SMTP, POP3, FTP, NNTP, and HTTP. Includes multiple C/C++ examples.

smtp pop3 email ftp winsock component library c-c winsock interface library c

barcode software

Barcomp by Zorn Software

With these Barcode components for Delphi inmplementing barcodes in applications is easier than ever. And with the included QuickReport component no programming at all is needed.

barcode component delphi bcpp quickreport barcode components delphi

java software

CoffeeCup Headline Factory by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Create scrolling headlines easily without any Java or HTML programming knowledge. Use Applet headlines to announce news, link to other pages, and more.

java applets effects headline scroll text applet create scrolling headlines easily without java html knowledge

visual basic software

L-Basic by CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.

L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program. L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-Basic will help you understand how to program in the most popular versions of the Basic language.

visual basic vb tutorial tutor learn vba access microsoft ms educational program programming l-basic basic language tutorial program emphasizes proper programming

network software

NMF Community Edition by Mark Starkoff

NMF Community Edition is a collection of COM classes for monitoring network traffic and decoding network protocols. All framework classes can be used from Microsoft C++, Visual Basic and VBScript programming environments.

network monitoring lan adapter packet sniffer decode protocol activex com activex classes building network monitorig applications

dos software

Easy Base by Easy Software Ltd

Easy Base is the ultimate development in DOS data management. The interface is simple enough for a complete novice to get started in data programming yet the query language and function library provide all the power required by professional developer

dos dbms database data management programmable dos dbms

base software

Baseconv by RWSoftware

Convert programming formats on the fly. This innovative program will quickly convert your number between any base with a minimum of effort.

base hex binary decimal-conversion calculator convert programming formats fly

ctlib software

OpenX ASP Edition by OpenX Technologies Inc.

OpenX ASP will save you hours on programming HTML Forms, mapping form elements to database fields, performing HTTP file uploads, validating input (Credit Cards and Emails), and saving HTML Form data into your DB. Supports MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL

ctlib dblib html form http upload connectivity sql database com com asp activex openx database development connectivity solution

multimedia software

Idex by DVA Ltd

Idex is a complete multimedia database and webpublishing solution. Manage all your digital files in a searchable database. Then share your files by publishing them to the internet. No HTML programming required to create dynamic websites.

multimedia database photo album image library catalog web publishing idex complete multimedia database webpublishing solution

programming software

Zeno Interpreter by Abecedarical Systems

This application is an interpreter for the Zeno computer programming languare. It requires Microsoft Windows 95 or later. It includes a text editor for creating, saving, and printing programs.

education computer interpreter interpreter zeno programming language includes text editor help


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