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toolbar software

Anonymous Friend by AllAnonymity

Anonymous Friend masks the IP address by routing traffic through foreign anonymous proxies, letting you surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups without getting kicked out

toolbar online privacy anonymous surfing hide ip online protection browsing companion anonymous web surfing invisible browsing online anonymity stay invisible anonymous friend masks ip address routing traffic through anonymous

web chat software

Morevil Web Chat Lite by Morevil Software

Morevil Web Chat Lite is single-room chat for web site. Client side is Java applet which can be embedded on a webpage. The server side is PHP script. Easy to use. Quick loading. Communication behind proxies/firewalls.

web chat java applet php script chat web site client java applet server side php script

anonymous software

Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar by

Simple to use. Simply install and you are ready to surf with complete privacy. The trial version provides users with the ability to surf the web using only the freshest anonymous proxies. The full version adds the ability to choose your country.

anonymous open ip proxy security privacy country hidden anon ips tool bar full version allows users choose country which they appear

bulk software

Dark Mailer by Dark Mailer - Bulk Email Software Systems

Dark Mailer is a super fast bulk email software that sends out at speeds greater than 500,000 emails per hour on a dedicated mailing server. Dark Mailer has the capability to use Proxies and Relays and also to send directly.

bulk email e-mail dark mailer anonymous message randomization spam bypass spam filters email list size tag macros custom headers dark mailer super fast bulk email software 500 000+ emails per hour

proxy software

Send-Safe Proxy Scanner by SEND-SAFE

Send-Safe Proxy Scanner is a program designed for searching for HTTPS/SOCKS proxies over the net by scanning IP ranges and checking existing lists of proxies.

proxy scanner scanning proxy server ip https socks smtp proxy list ip range proxy scanner program designed searching https socks

free software

Proxy Server List Hunter by Proxy List Hunter

Free anonymous proxy server list hunter. Tool that lets you scan for open proxies including HTTP and Socks proxies. Produces a list of working proxies that you can use. Find hundreds of proxies daily. It is designed to be secure, fast and reliable.

free anonymous proxy server list servers winproxy hunter public anon socks checker wingate software free anonymous proxy server list hunter tool scan open

antivirus software

Panda Enterprise Suite by Panda Software

The new Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite offers global and uniform protection for the main virus entry points into your company: workstations, file servers, messaging and groupware platforms, firewalls and proxies.

antivirus free antivirus network firewall enterprise security panda enterprise suite offers global protection main virus entry points

ftp asp software

FTP Component by ComponentSpot

.NET lacks FTP classes. KCommon FTP component lets programmers build .NET apps so users can send or receive files via FTP. Supports synchronous and asynchronous transfers. Supports passive but not active mode. Written in C#. Doesn?t support proxies.

ftp asp ftp component ftp control ftp library ftp vb ftp activex ftp -net ftp vb-net ftp c ftp component written c# brings basic ftp support net framework

emulate software

HeadStrong WebClicker by Moritz Bartl

uses public proxies to create artificial banner ad clicks. Emulates complete browser HTTP transfer and can be used for banner/link exchanges and toplists as well.

emulate http transfer proxy click banner toplists website server security authoring administration uses public create artificial banner ad clicks

anonymous software

AiS AliveProxy server by AtomInterSoft

AiS Alive Proxy is three programs in one: 1. The fast filtering proxy server. 2. The powerful multithreaded checker of proxies. 3. The tools for testing sites.

anonymous transparent connection speed timeout anonymous proxy proxy list anonymous proxy list anonymous proxy server free proxy list accelerator anon proxy lists proxy checker surfing public firewall


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