Psychedelic Software

asteroids software

'troid by Hermit Games

'troid is a psychedelic asteroids style shooter. Modern multiplier chaining score system. Thunderously squelchy electro music and effects.

asteroids risk reward shooter ikaruga asteroids style shooter thunderously squelchy electro sfx

sepia software

Autochromatic by namesuppressed

Autochromatic is a Photoshop plugin for creating duotone, sepia and color tint effects. It can add a rust or lavender tone, create psychedelic color effects, and helps you select and tone the colors in your image to suit your website's color scheme.

sepia image color colors colored duotone tone toned toning tint plugin plugins plug-in plug-ins plug effect effects filter filters addons photoshop adobe photosuite paint shop pro photopaint

screensaver software

Hypnodisk by Onwijs

Semi-psychedelic screensaver takes your screen for a spin. You can set speed, frequency, size and separate colour channels. New in v1.4 is the One big disk option.

screensaver spirals hypnodisk semi-psychedelic screensaver takes screen spin

liquidpaint software

Liquidpaint by ToastSoft

Liquidpaint is a psychedelic paint program. It allows you to create vivid displays of flowing color in seconds. It's easy to use, and fun for both kids and adults. Download the free demo and explore your creative side today!

liquidpaint pc drawing program art liquid paint color flow liquidpaint paint program

screen software

3D Vortex & Lightning by

It is a Psychedelic Fractal 3d Screen Saver for all Windows platforms. It uses abstracts 3d models computed in real time, stretching and moving in all direction to simulate vortex flights.

screen saver 3d savers screensavers screensaver 3dscreensavers vortex lightning abstract 3d screensaver vortex abstract screen saver

screensaver software

The Psychedelic Screen Saver by Synthesoft, Inc.

The Psychedelic Screen Saver is a light synthesizer that generates an astounding variety of mesmerizing patterns. As the patterns materialize on your screen, the colors will shift, undulate, and blow your mind.

screensaver pattern art screen saver fractal plasma desktop animates astounding variety mesmerizing patterns sync music

screensaver software

Advertising Screensaver by

The Advertising Screensaver will help you in promoting your products, company or organization while your computer is idle. Let it work for you!

screensaver business monitor screen saver advertise advertisements promotion promote office animation 3d pictures text moving screensavers screen savers

screensaver software

The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver by Synthesoft, Inc.

The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver will animate an endless variety of spectacular 3D patterns and images. As the 3D patterns animate on your screen, the objects, images, lighting, and colors will move through, around, and on top of each other.

screensaver pattern art screen saver fractal 3d creates stunning 3d patterns animations sync music

screensaver software

The Hypnogenic Screen Saver by Synthesoft, Inc.

The Hypnogenic Screen Saver generates a dazzling array of mind blowing patterns. As the patterns evolve the shapes and colors will blur and morph hypnotically.

screensaver pattern art screen saver fractal plasma desktop creates dazzling array mathematical animations synchronize music

screensaver software

Acid Dreams by MyTSoftware

Acid Dreams screensaver resembles the tie-dye T-shirts of the '70's. It's very customizable, allowing for nearly endless possible combinations of different effects. Watch the ever-changing motion and you could end up losing your lunch.

screensaver 70s tie-dye colorful acid dreams resembles moving tie-dye t-shirt customizable


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