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publish software

Publish-iT by Poster Software

PUBLISH-iT is the award-winning desktop publishing package that lets you create newletters, brochures, flyers, reports, ads, and any other publications. PUBLISH-iT combines the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing.

publish newsletter brochure desktop publishing create newsletters brochures flyers reports catalogs ads

source software

SourceTree Analyzer 2002 by Nitro Technologies

SourceTree Analyzer is a small, fast and extremely powerful utility which empowers its user to quickly and effectively track changes between different revisions of document trees such as source code, websites and electronic publications.

source documents revision tree backup mirror email updater report quickly effectively track changes type document tree

ebook software

Dimwit's Dictionary by E-dition

Dimwit's Dictionary is an exhaustive list of words and phrases ("dimwitticisms") that should be eradicated from our speech and writing. Many of the entries are followed by synonyms that may be used in place of the worn-out word or phrase.

ebook reference dictionary english writing language find not do companion dictionary concise writing

html viewer software

HMView by Bersoft Inc.

HMView supports most of the HTML 3.0 specs., it supports frames, tables, animated GIFs, sound, and other desirable HTML features. The splash screen, animated logo, and help file can be customized.

html viewer off-line html browser hypertext digital publications royalty free off-line html browser installation not required

personal finance software

Portfolio Evaluator + by Bent Tree Software

This program is a version of a form that will assist you in tracking your investments. It will run under Win 95, 98,Me, NT4, XP & 2000. This program tracks your investment's performance for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

personal finance aoto loan pension retirement retire portfolio stock financial statement software shareware program tracks investments performance stocks bonds mutual funds

java software

1 ABCMenuMan Java Menu by A Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises

ABCMenuMan is an exciting new java menu that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a few menu items, plus adds impressive mouseover effects for your website!

java java menu free java menu wyka-warzecha cool menu special fx fx navigation java navigation abcmenuman exciting new java menu fast cool special fx

100- word search software

100% Word Search by RT Software

Both create and play attractive wordsearch puzzles. Easy-to-use and powerful. Popular amongst teachers. Make puzzles in custom shapes and sizes. Puzzles can be saved, printed and exported. Features sound, resizable GUI, help and sample puzzles.

100- word search word search wordsearch create construct make compile creator constructor maker compiler creating constructing making compiling play word game puzzle puzzles

halftone software

Halftone by VanDerLee

High-quality anti-aliassed halftone dithering on any RGB, Grayscale or Duotone image using any PhotoShop compatible graphics application. As seen on newspaper Photographs and also a popular effect as backgrounds for logo's and other styled graphics.

halftone dithering dither raster rastering newspaper black white mono photoshop paint draw photo image high-quality anti-aliassed halftone dithering photoshop comp applications

magazine publishers software

PS Bombay by PinderSoft

Database for organizing magazines and articles. Ideal for authors, free lance writers and researchers who want to store their data references in a sophisticated yet easy to use database. You can store and retrieve magazine publishers and articles, al

magazine publishers authors periodicals creative writing magazines articles ps bombay organizer catalog information manager journals pindersoft database pim database for magazines publishers and articles psbombay

pankaj software

Pankaj Arora Software's Tumi Cursor PowerPack by Pankaj Arora Software

pankaj arora softwares tumi cursor powerpack 3d software power pack cursors set cursor bundle some finest cursor sets available windows 95 above


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