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antispam software

Antispam Scanner by Alexander G. Styopkin

Do you use anti-spam solution but still receive tons of unsolicited e-mails that hurt your business? Antispam Scanner uses a unique algorithm that lets you connect to your mailbox, purge it free from spam and then download only valid messages.

antispam spam blocker spam filter pre-emptive anti-spam solutions individuals businesses 99 9 accuracy

purge software

Purge by Martin Preussner

Purge removes unwanted garbage files.

purge garbage waste space clean temporary temporary files removes unwanted

data destroyer software

Data Destroyer by Hermetic Systems

A program for secure file deletion which destroys (by overwriting) data in multiple files and multiple folders on floppy, ZIP or hard disk so that the data cannot be recovered. Single-file or batch-mode operation. User-specifiable purge type.

data destroyer file purge secure deletion secure file deletion sanitize sanitization dod defense 5220-22-m hard disk file deletion software file deletion program kagi paypal purges overwrites they cannot be recovered

directory software

Directory Snoop by Briggs Softworks

File search, recovery, and wipe utility for Windows 95 - XP. Recover deleted files and data from individual clusters. Display raw directory structures and purge erased file names. Snoop through files and clusters with advanced search functions.

directory snoop cluster wipe undelete unerase forensic search fat ntfs utility 95 xp

purgeie software

PurgeIE by Assistance and Resources for Computing, Inc.

PurgeIE is a Cache and Cookie cleaner for Internet Explorer users to eliminate their surfing tracks. PurgeIE now has functions to assist in Cookie Control. PurgeIE manages its cleanup functions without requiring a system restart.

purgeie index-dat userdata explorer ie cache cookie cookies history cookie blocking security zones cleaner urls url typed urls dropdown tracks privacy autocomplete strays washer wash

secure erase software

PurgeIE Pro by Assistance and Resources for Computing, Inc.

PurgeIE Pro is a Cache and Cookie cleaner for Internet Explorer users to eliminate their surfing tracks. PurgeIE Pro includes 'secure erase' and support for Plugins. PurgeIE Pro manages its cleanup functions without requiring a system restart.

secure erase secure delete plugins purgeie tif searches

file transfer software

netwister by UAB BBD SOFT

Background application (windows service) to move, copy and purge files locally or on remote systems. Tasks can run continuously or at pre-defined times.

file transfer ftp download ftp upload scheduled backups file move service background scheduled ftp local transfers backup

popup killer software

Popup Purger by Atlas Solutions

Popup Purger is an intelligent popup blocker for Internet Explorer that can block annoying popup/under ads before they even open.

popup killer popup blocker ad blocker ad killer web page dialog intelligent popup blocker block annoying under ads

counter software

Traffic Log by David Spelts Software

Traffic Log is a web statistics script. Traffic Log enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, by date, browser and captures the entry page for each visitor. The log file can be purged of old visits through use of the script.

counter internet statistics stats logs server cgi script log perl traffic web statistics script

basta software

Deletor by Basta Computing, Inc.

Deletor helps you keep your disks clean by deleting or shredding files corresponding to file name patterns or extensions that you specify. Deletor also has support for custom filter packs, file date filtering, and command line access.

basta deletor delete shred disk batch remove destroy tmp command line recursively


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