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mazemania software

Mazemania Enhanced by Momor Productions

Mazemania is a 3D puzzle game where you must help the hero to exit from a giant maze, made of 100 rooms. Each room is made of several objects you must move & rotate in order to exit.

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minesweeper software

3D Minesweeper by Shpits Media

This is an amazing remake of the known minesweeper with astonishing 3d concept, graphics and sound. Dig into the 3D cube while finding and disabling the mines... This addictive remake will take you to the 3D world of puzzles.

minesweeper 3d mines amazing remake old minesweeper astonishing 3d concept graphics

columns software

Smart Columns by AltarSoft.com

Smart Columns is cool puzzle game. Your task is to remove all items from field. Game field has 150 cells (15 x 10). Items have three different colors

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fruitmania software

FruitMania - Fun Forever by SBB Games

Put your brain and wrist muscles to the test with this fast-paced puzzler. There are 9 different modes. Block, Rain, Continuous, Press and more... Track down matching images to clear the screen before it fills up. So fun forever with reflexive modes.

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spiel software

Psychoballs by Intermediaware

Psychoballs - THE addictive puzzle game! Move and sort different coloured balls through mind-boggling pipe-systems. Discover the right strategy and don't loose your head: ONE mistake and your masterfully crafted plan goest to gell.

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fruit software

Fruit Puzzle 3D by Teddy Games

Fruit Puzzle 3D - an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. One of the few games you'll always want to play just one more time.

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brixformer software

BrixFormer by TameStorm games

BrixFormer 8 in 1 is a package of 8 logical/puzzle games. If you want to relax after a long working day or you would like your child to play developing and interesting games we advise you to try BrixFormer.

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logic software

Tsunami Sweeper Trial by Sugar Pill Studios, LLC

Tsunami Sweeper is an innovative logic puzzle game that combines the structures of Japanese tsunami puzzles with those found in the popular mine sweeping genre of computer games. Find and mark all the mine locations to solve each puzzle.

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peepers software

Peepers by SmartMelon

Peepers may be the most relaxing game you will ever play. You must help a group of Spring Peeper frogs escape from their ponds in this original puzzle game. Features beautiful visuals, relaxing guitar music, and adjustable brook and peeper sounds.

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puzzle software

LinLink by LinLink

LinLink - The Most Popular Puzzle & Board Game in China is Coming Now It is great for a short break or hours of fun.
One player or multiplayer is both ok,so u can play with ur friends or ur family.

puzzle board linlink most popular puzzle board china


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