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puzzle software

Edges by Sugar Games

Think you are a puzzle expert? Not yet! Try our Edges, the hottest game of this season! Your key to success is to explode the maximum number of randomly appearing chips by adding your own to make a pattern. Beware! Playing Edges is highly addictive!

puzzle edges board kids family casual gamers logic play edges amazing puzzle those who prefer think before clicking

free puzzle software

Puzzle Pack 7 by The Bargain Monkey

Puzzle Pack 7 features beautiful photo's of Lake Michigan's shores and the Mackinac bridge.

free puzzle electronic puzzle computer game puzzle game michigan puzzle pack 7 features beautiful photos lake michigan

puzzle game software

BALLOONrain XS by Mana Games

BALLLOONrain is a new puzzle game for the family with an original and innovative gameplay. The goal is to gather and combine balloons. Whether you are looking for 15 minutes of relaxation at work or for unlimited challenges, BALLOONrain is for you!

puzzle game balloon shareware video game balloonrain free download jeux video shareware games manutoo gratuit tetris bust a move puzzle bubble puzzle bobble ballloonrain original innovative puzzle whole family

computer puzzle software

Puzzle Pack 6 by The Bargain Monkey

Puzzle Pack 6 features photo's of animals in a zoo environment, nicely done puzzles with beautiful shots.

computer puzzle free puzzle puzzles download puzzles zoo animals puzzle pack 6 features photos animals zoo environment

cryptopics software

World of CryptoPics by Yariv Hastilow

CryptoPics (or Nonograms/Griddlers) are logic puzzles in which the aim is to reveal a hidden picture from the number clues. Play picture puzzles, random puzzles, puzzles created from image files and the unique Challenge Mode. Includes Editor.

cryptopics nonograms griddlers crosspix pic-a-pix japanese crossword puzzle logic window art paint-by-numbers logipix japan japanese nonogram griddler cryptopic most comprehensive nonograms griddlers available

word software

Puzzler by Stormcloud Creations

A unique and challenging word search game where you must work against the clock to find all the words in a puzzle! Unique gameplay elements like timing and buying more time with your points enhance the strategy of the game.

word puzzle strategy unique challenging word search must work against clock

game software

Arrow Antics by Homebrew Software

Can you rescue a team of treasure hunters from the mummy & trap filled pyramids? This easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game features over 100 levels, a full level editor and lots of traps & tricks to beat.

puzzle logic fun maze 2d unusual maze puzzle over 100 levels cool egyptian theme

game software

Jingle Cocktail by Gamecocktail.com

Welcome to JINGLE! This festive game will delight even non-puzzle lovers. Match and clear all the balls, use jokers, bombs and other surprises to score crazy combos, but don't fill the board! You'll love this stylish game!

jingle cocktail games puzzle gift best its stylish festive puzzle lot surprises youll love

kids software

Esthers Playhouse by Star Light Press

Esthers's Playhouse is a fun and educational game for kids. It teaches all the fundamentals of kindergarten in one fun filled game. Your kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and puzzles. Download it and try it out today.

kids children childrens educational spanish esthers playhouse games fun mac mac os x esthers playhouse fun educational kids

funny software

Funny Faces by Arcade Lab

Pop balls, spin crazy faces and score points in this colorful puzzle popper! Includes four different game modes to give both beginners and advanced players a challenging gameplay. Classic Mode, Timed Mode, Clear-the-board and Relax mode.

funny faces pop puzzle


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