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debug javascript software

Tito Web Studio by Tito Software Corporation

Tito Web Studio is a feature rich and extremely effective quality assurance tool for web developers and QA analyst. This enterprise software consists of JavaScript debugging and profiling functions

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automatic software

ClearImage Tools by Inlite Research

Professional ActiveX tools for VB C++ Delphi support extensive image manipulation, quality assurance, forms processing and other operations, in a fully automated batch framework, offer powerful functions intuitive controls and rock solid reliability

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web optimizer software

web optimizer by Visionary Technologies

Web Optimizer intelligently compresses web pages which accelerates your web site from 30% up to 70% ? without changing your site's appearance.

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management software

Smartworks-PE by Accord Software & Systems Inc.

SmartWorks is a cost effective and scalable collaboration tool, which allows people in a workgroup to share, track and manage information flow. SmartWorks-PE is a freeware.

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asp documentation software

ASPHelp by Pikauba Software

Produce compiled HTML Help describing the use of anchors, forms, session and application variables, input query strings, redirections and cookies. ASPHelp processes scripts independent of the paths of execution allowing all paths to be included.

asp documentation querystring asp html help page interface information architecture session variables application variables web page produce compiled html help representing asp pages application

monitor software

MonitorTest by PassMark Software

Investigate the quality and performance of computer monitors and LCD flat panel screens using a series of 25 different test patterns displayed at various resolutions.

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business documents software

ReWorx Standard by Republicorp International

With ReWorx you can self-publish business documents to the Web and Intranet. Using only six steps, you can convert your Word documents using the latest XML technology for reliable formatting and enhanced end-user functionality.

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configuration management software

Defect Tracker by Pragmatic Software Co., Inc.

Deliver software solutions to specification, on time and on budget with this powerful change management / configuration management / help desk solution. Tracks functional specifications / test cases / bugs and issues via the web.

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q1 software

Q1 by Lightweight Technologies

Q1 is a tool for developing GUI and HTML automated tests. It was specifically designed to provide greater control than other similar tools while maintaining low-cost to make it affordable to small companies and individual developers.

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audit software

OmniAudit by Krell Software, Inc.

OmniAudit automatically and transparently tracks changes to data in any column of any table in your Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 databases. OmniAudit generates triggers to create audit trail data for the tables and columns you select.

audit database sql server mssql audit trail change log change history omniaudit allows track changes data table mssql 7 2000


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