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title case software

Excel Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software by Sobolsoft

Quickly change the case for all selected cells in Excel. No formula needed. This Excel addins works similar to the Change Case feature in Word which allows you to change selected text to Title Case, UPPER CASE, lower case.

title case formatting format normal case letters words cell automatically quickly entire spreadsheet convert quickly change case selected cells excel

quickres software

FastRes by South Bay Software

FastRes lets you quickly change your screen's resolution and color depth, from the system tray. It is small, and takes up very little memory.

quickres resolution color depth tray quickly change resolution color depth system tray

change printer software

Print Switch by Microblast Software

The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax driver. Print Switch for Windows works with most stand-alone fax software packages as well.

change printer default printer fax toolbar tray printer print switch provides way quickly change default printer fax

word games software

WISCO Word Power by WISCO Computing

Changes your vocabulary words and definitions into word searches, crossword puzzles, magic number squares, vocabulary bingo cards, flash cards, matching, multiple choice quizzes, juggle letters, cryptolists, and kriss-kross activities.

word games vocabulary crossword puzzles teacher wordsearch quiz bingo create educational word games puzzles vocabulary words

audio software

ToggleVOLUME by Toggle Software Inc.

ToggleVOLUME is a great utility that gives you quick and easy control over the sound volume on your computer speakers and/or headphones. Perfect for listening to MP3s and CDs!

audio sound music mp3 cd wav speakers volume togglevolume gives great control over computer sound volume

internet software

AtomicLog by TIFNY

AtomicLog makes it easy to monitor and control your Internet activity. The easy-to-use graphical interface lets you merge historical and real-time usage. Stops spyware, filters out unacceptable web sites, and blocks annoying advertisements.

internet monitor filter adwasher block dns http real-time internet page site traffic analyzer access log hosting free software domain ftp bandwidth referrer firewall whois dns

display mode software

ControlSheet by

Quickly switch display modes. Save desktop icons positions. Quick screen saver control. Temporary disable screen saver.

display mode screen resolutions desktop icons positions disable screen saver quick control most important display settings


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